Learning Sovereignty

My mother had a theory that children will not do anything that will hurt them. That did not mean babies were put in a walker with an open stairway to tumble down, but it did mean that constant supervision was not the order of the day. We lived in the country on my grandparent’s farm and pretty much had the run of the place. The four oldest (I was second) would go off playing and exploring and get into all sorts of things, completely unsupervised and none of this resulted in more than scratches or bruises. I remember climbing some tall poplars in a stand near our home with both my aunt and my mother watching. My aunt was beside herself and saying, ‘Don’t you think that is dangerous? Shouldn’t you tell them to stop?’ But Mum was true to her principles and just smiled and said, ‘They will be okay’; and we were.
This was great training because from an early age, I learned what risks I could take and what risks made me uncomfortable. I did not have anyone else to make my judgements and relied solely on my own. When I see modern parents supervising and making things safe or ‘don’t do this or don’t do that’, it irks me. How are kids and adolescents to learn their boundaries? How are they to develop judgement and confidence in their decision making ability?
All of this is related to sovereignty. My Mum was my chief caregiver and from an early age treated me as sovereign, not just in terms of my play but also in terms of my thinking. At about the age of five I questioned the concept of Santa Claus. Mum smiled and said, ‘then how do you think it works?’ and soon I had understood; not because someone told me, but because I figured it out for myself. The same thing applied to my spiritual growth. As a child I was devout but soon after I was confirmed at about age twelve in the Anglican Church’s coming of age rite, I became disillusioned. Hormones were one factor, the church’s rules were another, as was the church’s portrayal of God as someone to be feared and obeyed. If my Mum could give me a few simple principles and then trust my judgement, why would God be any different? Why all these rules? I could not see the purpose they served and there were some I could not live up to. I was human, not a machine. It seemed I could either live in guilt or discard the straightjacket of my religion. I chose the latter.
For the next forty years, I lived as an agnostic where I treated Divinity as irrelevant to my life. Good practice in terms of making my own choices and in terms of experiencing the limitations of ego and the emptiness of pursuing my small self’s definition of success. Sovereignty was not really an issue during those years. I lived a secular life and pursued secular goals. Slowly that emptiness within me drew my attention and I began to look for ways to add meaning to my life. A sense of mission grew within me, a sense that I was born for a reason and I was not yet on the path of fulfilling that mission, whatever it might be. For about a decade I wrestled with all of this and then cast my lot in with pursuing my spiritual development. That seemed the way to fill the emptiness within and the way to learn and fulfill my mission, the purpose I was born to and could no longer ignore.
About this time, sovereignty began to have real meaning. In a secular world without higher meaning, sovereignty was irrelevant. My goal had long been to be my own boss and this had largely been achieved. When I began to pursue my mission it became quite clear to me that higher powers were involved. My mission could not be approached by my small self, by my ego, since it had neither the scope nor the wisdom that would be required. I would have to involve a higher power. That power existed within me and could be tapped into through meditation and simply by asking, but for years I had treated this as optional and given the last word to my small self. Only when I chose to elevate this higher power did sovereignty begin to have real meaning in my life. I made it all official by surrendering to Divinity. That decision made me sovereign as I report to no one and nothing other than the Divinity within me.
Freedom for humanity…


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