Grace Light

The late summer and fall of 2008 were tumultuous times in my life. It began when I returned to Toronto and left a relationship in which I ignored my guidance and returned to full dedication to my spiritual development. In the next four months I learned the highest levels of a healing modality, was cured from prostate cancer, received and cleared a negative implant, started a healing centre with a gifted healer named Steve and helped him through several episodes with Lucifer who he subconsciously invited in, did a psychic reading with a gifted psychic, disagreed on the direction the center was to take and chose to return to Alberta.
The trip back was mystical in many ways including information that my daughter was sick and that I could play a role in her healing. The next day I received an unwanted etheric visit from the higher self of the person causing her sickness. I kept a journal throughout as part of my spiritual practice and all these things and many more are recorded.
So much was happening during these months that some things did not make it into my journal. One of these was something called Grace Light. A thirty year old woman showed up at the healing center and Steve began dating her. She took us to a friend’s fancy new house in the suburbs where we were introduced to this light, which was being introduced to humanity through a spiritual guru and mystic from India. Part of our introduction was a video of this mystic as he explained Grace Light. A group of about a dozen of us were gathered and we followed the video’s instructions to give each other this Light. I experienced it strongly and both Steve and I began to include it in our healing practices.
For some reason, I never wrote any of this down and when information came that I was to leave behind the healing modality I had learned, this was also left behind. I have my doubts about the modality as it seems to include some manipulations and some aspects not meant for the human vehicle, but Grace Light seems entirely appropriate for humanity’s ascension. I can still access its power and healing properties for myself but the protocols for introducing it to others is long lost and may never be regained. Like many things, this was not my gift to bring to humanity and it is the hands of others; where it should be.
When I woke this morning, energy had been delivered to me during the night and some was stuck in my kidneys and lower back. I invoked Grace Light and shone it on the affected areas asking that the energy flow easily through my systems and be assimilated with ease and grace. This had an immediate positive effect and I also installed the light as a kind of beneficial street light located above and just behind my head. I can still feel its radiant effects as I write my blog today.
It feels as though I am doing exactly what I am here to do. My role is other than as a healer or a teacher of specific modalities. That work belongs to others and I support them in so doing but do not participate in this work. My work is as a messenger and as an agent of Divinity doing work related to ending the debilitating reign of the ruling elite and pioneering ascension and related processes such as rejuvenation.
Grace Light is a tool to assist me in this work. I am grateful.
Freedom for humanity…


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