The End of the Era

I saw a YouTube video yesterday that got me thinking and I asked to understand its pertinence to my path and my mission as I slept. There is lots of fear in the content, because the presenter predicts very dire earth changes over the next few months beginning with a cataclysmic event on September 25, less than a month from now. We shall see what we shall see.
He also claims the end of the era date of the winter solstice of 2012 in about sixteen months is completely bogus and an invention of the ruling elite. This date has been a focus in this blog and I began to examine my sources for adopting this as truth. A primary source has been people and a website that has been discredited within my experience. I worked closely with these people for about six months and found them to be unsupported except by their own channelled material, and to be using cultish methods of discrediting competing information and independent thinking within the group.
Another source is the Mayan calendar and this remains a credible source with independent confirmation from a variety of mystics and from wisdom literature the world over. The end date of the Mayan calendar is in question. The mainstream choice is the 2012 winter solstice (agreed end of the long count), but at least one other date, October 28, 2011, is widely publicised. Mainstream supporters claim the sun to be in perfect alignment with galactic center on the 2012 date, but this is without evidence as this alignment came and went back in 1998. There are also many theories about days or years lost due to various historical imperfections which would affect the long count and bring forward the end of the era. It would make sense that this shift is related to alignment with the center of the universe rather than the center of the galaxy and this position remains undefined.
The answer to my request to understand how this relates to my path and my mission is that it really does not matter. An end date is not a requirement. The current era where darkness was supported is ending and new era, an era of the Light, is beginning. There may or may not be an end date for the current era or a start date for the new era. It may be a transition spread over many days or even years. None of that really matters. What matters is that the current era is ending and support for the ruling elite is waning. Already the galactic war has ended and galactic support for the ruling elite has been withdrawn. Instead of competing factions within the galaxy, the galaxy now is united within the Galactic Federation supporting individual sovereignty and shared truth. The earth’s ruling elite now stand alone without organized galactic support.
My work is related to raising consciousness, to ending the rule of the ruling elite and installing individual sovereignty, and to pioneering aspects of Ascension. None of this needs an end date or a start date. This work is already underway and I have past life memories that this work has been underway for centuries and millennia.
In my reality all that really matters is that this era is ending and new era is taking its place. I have been killed many times in the old era as what I support was premature, but with the changing of the eras, my Light filled agendas are becoming more and more supported and agendas of subjugation and exploitation are becoming less and less supported. People supporting the Light’s agenda of raising consciousness, bringing truth to humanity, and returning to individual sovereignty are being supported and protected. Methods of the dark including violence in its many forms such as assassinations, bombings and warfare are being curbed. More and more people are taking back their power and returning to individual sovereignty. The shifts are underway and at some point, the ruling elite will lose their grip on power and a peaceful revolution will take place, bringing truth and freedom to humanity and giving us a foundation for individual sovereignty.
Freedom for humanity…


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2 Responses to The End of the Era

  1. My Dear John – I believe you are outlining here is what many of us are experiencing at this time.

    And like you many of us have felt certain aspects of Ascension have resonated for a period until we were made aware of the human aspects of those we listened to in the hope that their message would result in what we decided long ago was our individual raise on d’être for our being here, only to be disappointed that they were not the right people and their message was in fact a selfish and elitist one.

    I have long decided that what will be will be, and we just have to wait and see and be mindful of these times while holding the energy of love and gratitude in our hearts for every experience that we encounter.

    I am grateful to Inelia Benz for her sincerity and love, as indeed I am grateful to you and those who tried to take away our power because we have minds that are alive and question.

    God Bless you John on your path. I always enjoy your blog entries.


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