Holding Space for Freedom

My morning dream was of being a fugitive from the world at large but knowing that world to be finite and a world that accepted me and valued freedom in the same way I valued freedom was reachable. And so I moved without ceasing through this dangerous but finite world avoiding contact with those who lived there, knowing that capture would result in being confined or eliminated. It was a kind of maze and in one segment; I had to solve a puzzle in order to advance. When I woke this morning I knew the answer. Anyway, my fugitive life came to an end as I was discovered and there I sat surrounded by people.
I didn’t know if I had gone far enough so these people could be liberators or oppressors and I had no way of knowing except to wait and see how they treated me. We sat in solemn silence as the huge room filled and then they began to sing their equivalent of For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow. I knew I had reached freedom and my long life as a fugitive was ended and the work I had done on behalf of freedom was being recognized and honoured. A flood of emotions followed ranging from tears to joy as all that was pent up within me was released and I knew a long and arduous journey had been completed.
I have not written for a three days because nothing was given me and my experience was one of being a stranger in a strange land where no one understood my experience and I was looked upon as weird; not necessarily in a bad way, but weird none the less. My Daughter left for holidays in Ireland and after delivering her to the airport, I walked over to my one year old grandson’s birthday party. The parents had perhaps twenty five people over including the other set of grandparents, family, friends and neighbours. It was fun with pizza and refreshments and doting on the child who went merrily about his business not really understanding this was all about him. My newly retired brother in law from Edmonton was in town for the occasion and he is enjoying retired living and de-stressing from his working life where he was constantly on call. My choice to live life without a driver’s licence was talked about quite a lot, in part because I walked over and in part because my brother in law had seen me crossing the freeway along the way. No one was really interested in what I am really doing but there was interest in the weirdness of my choices.
After walking home and arriving around three, I made some attempts to write but nothing came, so I watched tennis (week one of the US Open) and played with my computer until retiring for the night. I meditated for a half hour or so before going to bed and humility came up. I have been working through a transition of some kind ever since the summer solstice over two months ago and humility seems to be calling to me as a necessary ingredient in stepping through the transition’s portal. ‘We are all one so rest in your humility and let what is about to take place happen through you’, is humility’s message. ‘There is no need for you to be anything other than what you are; just relax into being and let the Universe make the shifts you are targeting. You do not have to do anything extraordinary or be anything other than your authentic self.’ Okay Humility, I am listening.
That was my evening meditation and then came my dream.
Holding space is often my role in things and it feels as though that may be my role in the transition that is upon us. By being my authentic self and by making my choices always with individual sovereignty as a key component, I hold space for freedom and for others to make choices for their own individual sovereignty. That may be the sum and the extent of my contributions. Humbling as this seems so ordinary with no heroics or theatrics, but it is holding space and holding space is what I do.
Freedom for humanity…


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