It is over three years now since I worked for pay. I am sixty three and have sufficient retirement income such that money is not an issue with more money coming in than I am spending. I am not rich but I have no debt and prefer a simple unassuming lifestyle that is within my means. I cannot remember a decision I have made that was influenced by money or its lack. Money is simply not an issue in my life.
Several of my friends live on the financial abyss, constantly scrambling to make their rent payments and meet their other financial obligations. The difference in these two situations is profound. I choose to work for free. I write my blog and publish it for all to see with no expectation of financial compensation. I don’t copyright anything and encourage others to use my information in any way they see fit. The same goes for the help I give others and the space I hold for positive change both in the lives of others and in the world in which we live. I do all of this for free. My reward is in watching others step into their power and travel their own unique path doing what they were born to do.
My friends with financial difficulties cannot do this. They have to charge for their services and engage in various marketing activities whether they enjoy them or not. In addition, it is much more difficult to live life with an abundance mentality when deadlines loom. For me, abundance is my reality. The rent is paid as required as are all other financial obligations and my bank balance remains healthy, even rising slightly. My world is indeed one of abundance where I give freely and without attachments of my time and resources and know the universe will give back such that I am never in need. In this way, I live and think as though I am already in the fifth dimension where money is essentially irrelevant and survival is no longer an issue.
One of my friends has taken a bold step in the past few weeks. He has decided to work for free, to continue his life’s work without charging and without the expectation of being paid by those he serves. His situation is very different from my own since he is in his late thirties and has no sources of income other than the work he is doing. ‘How will you pay the rent?’ I asked. ‘Not sure’ was his response and we then went on to talk about the impact of such a choice. ‘I feel totally free and liberated’ he reported. He used to work on a pay by means basis and found himself mentally second guessing his clients and hoping for more. Working for free has ended all of that and the universe is already providing with people asking if they can make donations and gifts. He welcomes these as being the universe’s way of keeping him whole.
He brought up a common perception that gifting services creates karmic debt. That has not been either of our experience and we believe it to be a third dimensional myth likely created by the ruling elite who are invested in financial systems and ways of thinking. Our payment is in having others step into their power and onto their own path of service. I cannot overstate the gratification contained in this and my friend expressed a very similar experience.
Without question, this way of living can work in the third dimension. Will it work now with our current third dimension under heavy control by the ruling elite and most of humanity supporting the scarcity illusion which the ruling elite has created? Time will tell. It is early in the process for my friend and I send him my blessings.
Freedom for humanity…


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