Holding Space

Two of my friends are nearing financial crisis points. They have travelled eerily similar paths for several months now including stepping into their spiritual power and becoming more independent and self sufficient. They do not know each other and I have made no special efforts to introduce them. I have held space for these friends and encouraged them as they took back their power and stepped out of sheltered but restrictive environments and spread their wings gaining independence.
Yesterday was a tough day for one of them as several obligations come due at mid month and she had insufficient funds to make her payments. She ranted about this and copied me, not asking for money; just to keep me in the loop. The fear and scarcity of her rant came through loud and clear and I wondered what was mine to do. I got real quiet and asked. The answer came unmistakably. Although I have the financial means to bail her out, doing so was not my role. My role was to continue to hold space for her and continue to provide the kind of help and encouragement as I have done in the past.
I responded to her email with this information along with stories from my experience and an outline of the process I use when encountering fear. This was three or four hours after receiving her email and just before I pushed ‘send’, my computer alerted me to an incoming email. I pushed send and checked my inbox. It was my friend and the email title was Amazing Development. Sure enough, someone had come up with the needed funding and my friend’s financial crisis had passed. It should be noted that this friend has many projects on the go and many skills so all of this is timing rather than chronic.
Throughout all this, my other friend who is facing a similar crisis at month end kept coming to mind and I decided to copy her with some of this correspondence, especially the support and sharing I had done, and the holding space email I had sent.
Holding space is a skill and a gift I give to everyone who knows me. Essentially, it is the act of providing emotional and spiritual support along with the ability to be strong in the face of crisis and to empower and encourage the highest and best qualities that exist in others. There are many steps in the process of holding space and the first is to live in the space that I hold for others. To hold the space for fearless, I have to live in fearlessness. To hold the space for abundance, I have to live in abundance. To hold the space for service to others, I have to live in service to others. You get the idea.
Holding space for humanity is what I do and is the gift I came to give in this lifetime. Humanity can take back their power and create an environment where everyone is individually sovereign. Humanity can create a timeline where our focus is for each of us to live our life purpose and serve the rest of humanity and the earth on which we live. Humanity can be free. To hold space for humanity to take back their power, I live in a reality of having taken back my power. To create an environment where everyone is individually sovereign, I live in a reality where everyone is treated as individually sovereign, first myself and then others. To create a timeline where the focus is for each of us to live our life purpose, I live in a reality of living my life purpose and of holding space for others to live theirs. To create humanity’s freedom, I live in a reality where I am free and hold space for others to be free.
That is what I do. That is my service to humanity.
Freedom for humanity…


About freedom4humanity

Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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