Our Soul’s Agenda

One of my friends is visiting in Calgary and we spent a few hours together talking about our spiritual experiences. There are remarkable similarities between our experiences and we are targeting very similar aspects within the changes to come, specifically rejuvenation and ascension, and freedom for all.
She is very attuned to the natural world and showed me pictures of a badger who had come to visit her, crossing the road in front of her and then showing up in the back yard of the home in which she is staying. Part of our time together was a walk in a park I visit frequently beside the Bow River and we were visited by a crow dragging one wing and hopping along unable to fly. We observed for a while but neither of us knew of a Calgary bird sanctuary so we simply gave the crow a wide birth and continued on our way, unable to do more than send our blessings.
She worked for many years as a nurse in an intensive care unit (ICU) and loved the work, being especially adept when death came calling, a frequent visitor in this line of work. She knows death to be a transition which assisted greatly during these occasions.
One of the stories she shared during this visit was the story of how she left that line of work and began to focus more on her spiritual development. As she told the story of going from a skilled and capable nurse to someone who could not touch a patient and spent time on sick leave, I kept getting the message that her soul had intervened. It was time to leave the hustle and bustle of being in a high pressure working environment and devote time and energy to her spiritual development. It was time to leave agendas set by others and by society and pick up the agenda of her soul. It was time to do what she was born to do and that required a more leisurely lifestyle where she could set her own agendas.
I shared some of these thoughts as we talked and my friend resonated with my thoughts and the messages that were coming to me. The major transition had occurred around the turn of the century. Later, in the quiet of my own home, I realized that my experience and my transition had been very similar. I targeted to resume my career as a business executive only to have my soul intervene. I was luckier than my friend in that this shift did not require physical illness in my case, only self sabotage and some quiet soul searching but the shift was the same. Instead of working in high pressure jobs that consumed our time and resources we were each given the experience of a more leisurely lifestyle where we could attune ourselves to our soul’s agenda, to our life purpose, and devote ourselves to that inner agenda.
Many readers will have had or will be having similar experiences. As a Lightworker, we are born with an agenda of the soul, with a service we target to give to humanity and to Mother Earth and a very ‘normal’ present day experience is to be sidetracked into agendas that originate within the illusion created by the ruling elite. These agendas are designed to distract us and drain our resources away from what we came to do because the ruling elite knows that their illusion cannot survive as more and more people awaken spiritually and target to do what they were born to do.
In today’s world there is little support for spiritual awakening and for attuning our life to our soul’s purpose but that is shifting and one of the ways it shifts is through the experience and the wisdom gained by people like my friend and me. As we encounter others who are spiritually awakening and beginning to walk the path of their life purpose, we provide encouragement and support. In so doing, we empower these people and they empower others. The shift is happening, freedom is coming.
Freedom for humanity…


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