The Girl Who…

In the past few months I have seen the movies and read the books of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium Trilogy. I reached that point where I could not put the book down and finished The Girl who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest at four a.m. last night. Why the popularity? In my view, Larsson’s work is a metaphor for what is happening in today’s world with citizens taking back their power and the misdeeds of criminal elements and corporate wrongdoings are being brought to light. His last book has an especially powerful metaphor with a small group of secret agents acting above the law and outside of the constitution of their country for self interested reasons. This is a metaphor for the ruling elite who routinely do this kind of thing. At a subconscious level, readers recognize the hidden truths and the parallels and cannot get enough of Larsson’s work.
Another element of Larsson’s work is his narrative of invasion of privacy and computer hacking activities. One of his key characters is a world class hacker who routinely taps into the hard drives of targeted individuals and then has access to all their information, all their files and all their emails. In one chapter, hacker friends begin monitoring the key person for the prosecution in the court trial in which she is the defendant. They use technology developed and used by national security agencies in the US and elsewhere where key words are scanned for and when found, agents tap into the recording of the transmission and check it out as a possible threat to national security. The people with ultimate control of such resources are the ruling elite, so anyone not supporting their agenda is subject to their scrutiny.
Lightworkers fit squarely into this category and according to people like David Icke and Steven Greer, we have no secrets as this worldwide web of invasive technology has swept us up and we are all well known to the ruling elite. In our favour is the growing volume and sheer numbers of Lightworkers and Light working material. This has stretched even the massive resources available to the ruling elite and they now have to pick and choose where they are applied.
More than once I have received spiritual guidance to leave planned material out of my blog or not share information with certain email accounts. Why? Because doing so would have brought unwanted intrusions from the ruling elite. At some level, I am to fly under the radar, at least at this stage of the game. I have no way of making these decisions on my own and simply proceed as guided and shift plans when guided to do so. In general, transparency is the wisest and safest policy and that is essentially the policy I follow. My thoughts and actions are put into my blog. I live a transparent life without secrets and within the laws of the country in which I live and as such, I have far more protection than someone plotting in secret.
Of particular interest to me was Larsson’s fictional description of a secret organization that considers themselves to be above the law. They are fighting for their survival and all kinds of dirty tricks are employed. Misinformation, falsification of records, illegal wiretaps and break-in’s, protecting criminal activity by the favoured few and scapegoating innocent victims through control of the media and cooperative professionals. As things get tighter and tighter, murder becomes acceptable in various forms such as assassination by a presumed mad man acting alone, another disguised as suicide, and a failed third through the employ of criminal elements within society.
All of these things and much much more have been and continues to be standard practice by the world’s ruling elite. What this book helped me realize is that as the noose tightens and the pressure mounts to bring disclosure and truth about their past misdeeds, secret organizations get more and more desperate and the limits of what is and is not sanctioned continues to expand. It feels as though we are moving steadily down this path and the ruling elite are feeling more and more pressure. Because they are such a small fraction of humanity, they are feeling increasingly threatened and cornered and like a wild animal, that is when they are their most dangerous.
Freedom for humanity…


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