Fall Equinox and Rejuvenation

Yesterday and last night were unusual in terms of my body’s reaction to the energies coming to earth at this time. We are close enough to the fall equinox for those energies to have been a factor and what I am calling my summer transition also remains a factor as it has been slow going for me as I deal with the transitional energies that began around the summer solstice three months ago. I include my usual disclaimer that we are all unique so do not expect to replicate my experience; on the other hand, we are all similar and many of you will be able to relate to parts or all of my experience.
What was my experience? I felt zapped yesterday; enervated. Not in an unmotivated way which sometimes happens and I managed to get out for a walk in mid-afternoon but it turned into an amble as that was all I had the energy for and only a short route, about an hour and a half. When I got home, I did this and that but had no focus and eventually gave up and went to bed early.
The inputs continued throughout the night. Nothing unique to this experience, but the usual symptoms of solar, galactic and cosmic energies interacting and being integrated. Sensations in my skull and in various places in my brain, sensations in my chakras especially my third eye, and a general restlessness with various dreams and frequent wakeful interruptions which is unusual for me. As is my habit, I accepted all this with gratefulness and considered all of it to be gifts from Divinity helping me on my path and my unique journey toward Ascension.
I targeted to pioneer rejuvenation in mid April, and have renewed that target several times since then. The process I have been guided to use is one of making my intentions known to the universe, ensuring my guides are on board for this intention and then surrendering the process back to Divinity, cutting any attachments I may have and releasing any expectations of any specific experience. Only occasionally do I even think about this intention and I again surrender it all knowing I have done my part.
When I shifted guides at the end of May, I gained a new guide who is very familiar with rejuvenation. I did what I was asked to do and it is now in the hands of this guide. On several occasions since then, this guide has made itself known to me and I have received confirmation that progress is being made and that nothing further is presently required of me. The affirmation I have used and continue to use on occasion is a good summary. A part of me knows rejuvenation and physical perfection. That part of me is bringing rejuvenation and physical perfection to me now. I thank that part and know that it is done. And so it is.
One of my friends is taking a far more proactive approach to pioneering rejuvenation, working regularly toward raising her kundalini energy which she understands to be a prerequisite. I do not recommend one approach over the other, but I do know that my earlier experience of relying on someone else to provide leadership and expertise did not work for me and this more independent approach has been well supported and generally applauded by the universe.
Does my summer transition deal with rejuvenation? I do not know and have no precursors to indicate that it does. I have no doubt that I will be among humanity’s pioneers when rejuvenation is made availble, but I do not know if the time is now.
I also took the intention of making myself available for whatever is given me to do in terms of removing the ruling elite from power and these incoming energies clearly have elements related to that objective. Again, timing is not for me to know. I know the end of the era is coming in fifteen months and both rejuvenation and freedom from the ruling elite’s illusion are associated with the end of the era, but the timing of these inevitable shifts is unknown to me.
Freedom for humanity…


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