The equinox energies have affected me like no other energetic input I have ever experienced and there seems a shift within me that is significant. Over the past three days, I have noticed an intrinsic joy residing within me. This joy is not related to anything in my life; it just is. It is as though each cell has joy as a foundational component and this background level of joy then spills over into the larger me, the composite me and I feel joy. It does not seem to affect my choices or my decisions but is there as a platform and a foundation upon which I live my life. Instead of working at controlling my thoughts and working to keep things positive, joy permeates me and carries with it a general sense that all is good; all is already what I have long targeted. Peacefulness and no need to struggle or change things is the companion or perhaps the natural consequence. Instead of walking around with my head down and targeting to change things, I walk around with a bounce in my step and a general sense that the changes I am targeting have already happened and are simply waiting the timing to make themselves known in the world of form. It is like a permanent smile painted not only on my face, but on every cell of my body and on the composite as well.
My sense is that joy is a human birthright. It has always been there waiting for me and now that I have been made ready in some way, it is introducing itself and expressing itself at the cellular level and at the level of consciousness. After years of disciplining my thoughts and meditating to reach that joyous place within; suddenly joy is there like background energy that cannot be escaped. I don’t need to do anything or think anything, all I need to do is be and in that being, joy is naturally there. Joy is everywhere and in everything. Awesome…
A part of me suspects joy has always been there and is the natural background energy into which we are born. Joy is our birthright as a human being, but due to the dark’s illusion and perhaps due to some faulty connections I either made or were made for me, joy has been elusive and only rarely my experience. For the last two days, that has shifted and joy has become my full time companion. It is subtle and at times I overlook it, but it is always there. It is everywhere.
The intensity of my night-time experience these last three nights has been unprecedented. I go to bed amped up and it takes me an hour or so to fall into a fitful sleep as the incoming energies are felt in a variety of ways. At about the time of the summer solstice, I learned how to hold my awareness in the area of my third eye chakra and I do this now by habit. This seems to amplify the energies but also gathers them and channels them inward to be integrated as per a set of subconscious instructions. All of this happens automatically and I simply sleep or rest in thankful gratefulness; knowing all the shifts and changes I am targeting are happening in accordance with a cosmic blueprint that is not mine to know, only mine to experience. I drift in and out of sleep and there is an intensity of energy all around me, a kind of sea of energy and I am a fish within that sea, breathing the energy in and out through my gills. What I need is adsorbed within me and what is not mine is expelled back into the sea of energy that is all around me.
I have had episodes of this in the past lasting a hour or two but this has been going on for the last three nights and it lasts from when I put my head on the pillow until when I get up in the morning. Very intense. Underlying all of this is a sense that this is all exactly as it has been planned and that something has fundamentally shifted. Joy, oh joy.
Freedom for humanity…


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