There are many theories based on the presumption that the comet Elenin is not a comet, but the missing planet/brown dwarf star many know as Niburu with a mass over five thousand times that of earth. In these theories, the ruling elite is well aware of this and is deliberately planting misinformation into the public domain claiming comet status for the body currently traveling through our solar system.
The path of Elenin/Niburu is well documented and twice when the earth, the sun and Elenin have been in alignment, major earthquakes have occurred. Once in New Zealand and the other in Japan. Today, September 25 is another alignment of these three celestial bodies and because of Elenin’s elliptical orbit yet another alignment occurs and lasts for about a month from November 7 thru December 7. Various predictions have been made, ranging from another major earthquake to catastrophic changes including Pacific Rim denouement where entire land masses disappear and the triggering of volcanoes the world over, including Yellowstone, a volcano of mythic proportions. Survival in this scenario is the question and you will not be reading my blog should this occur because electronics the world over will not function.
I am familiar with a couple of people whose visions mirror this catastrophic scenario. One does not have a timeline while the other’s timeline is directly linked to these next few days. I am also aware of a growing number of people, including a close friend, who use meditations and other means targeting to work with Gaia and other spiritual entities to smooth out the coming shifts and allow the necessary earth changes to happen with a minimum of negative impacts both to the earth itself and also to humanity. I feel a great deal of resonance with this later group and an alignment of purpose. My role seems more a role of the messenger and of facilitating evolving human consciousness such that Ascension happens smoothly and with the minimum of negative impacts. I do not discount the visions of others, but I cast my lot with those targeting a smooth transition where the changes happen naturally and as a result of the evolution of consciousness, both humanity’s and Gaia’s.
In my view, those with catastrophic visions are experiencing an anachronism dating back to before the turn of the century when this was the probable future for this particular shared timeline in which we live. A great many forces have banded together and created a timeline that is far more beautiful and beneficial than that anachronistic timeline that was the logical extension of the ruling elite’s chosen timeline.
A primary force in this newly probable beneficial timeline is the small but growing segment of humanity commonly known as Lightworkers. With the help of a myriad of supporters, humanity’s Lightworkers have won the battle for the collective timeline of humanity. Supporters include the Galactic Federation and the highly evolved civilizations who are its members as well as support from Cosmic center, including uplifting energies and the will of the creative beings who reside at Cosmic center.
One way to look at this is as a power struggle between humanity’s Lightworkers and humanity’s ruling elite. The ruling elite had things very much their way since the fall of Atlantis over twelve thousand years ago and have slowly added to their power base using force and deception. In their targeted timeline, the ruling elite form the rulers while the rest of humanity becomes their slaves and the earth’s resources are exploited for the benefit of the ruling elite. This timeline is not sustainable in the long term and eventually leads to doom and destruction. The ruling elite are a small and diminishing group of people while the earth’s Lightworkers are a small but growing group of people. The battle for humanity’s timeline has been fought and won by the Lightworkers and a beautiful and beneficial future of abundance, individual sovereignty and oneness as favoured by the Lightworkers is now assured. All that remains is to effect the coming transition with the minimum of destruction and dislocation for all involved.
Freedom for humanity…


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