Spiritual Crisis

Yesterday I worked with a friend who is in a spiritual crisis. At some later date, I may write about the crisis itself and the underlying themes but for today, I will stick to the experiences of both my friend and myself.
We worked with Skype which has a video option which we used, so we had both audio and video for our two twenty minute calls. In the first he briefly explained his situation as follows: He was back with his girlfriend but earlier she had asked him to leave because of negative spiritual energies he was bringing into their space. He had left and the universe had sent him help in the form of angels in human form. One gave him the message to visit a nearby psychic. My friend and the psychic had interacted in passing many times but he had avoided any meaningful contact. He visited the psychic and she lambasted him, calling him on some of his choices and some of his behaviours and telling him to return with his girlfriend for a follow up meeting scheduled later in the day of our call.
I blessed this follow up meeting and we ended the call. I ate breakfast and began to write about this interaction, targeting what I believed to be the root issues of my friend’s spiritual crisis. It was tough sledding and before anything meaningful was written, my friend called again. He and his girlfriend had gone to the follow up meeting and found the place deserted. What had been the office area of this psychic was now an empty shell; she had packed up and left. My friend is very connected to the spirit realms and the message he was getting was that the psychic was there to give him the message of the previous meeting and once that was done, she went on about her business. She may not have been from this realm, and in that case had in fact disappeared into thin air.
We talked for twenty minutes in a very positive energetic space. He talked about what he felt he had learned and I shared what had come up for me in the hour or two between our calls including a link to an interview I had seen that seemed germane to my friend’s journey.
After closing the call, I went for a walk leaving my friend a message that I would check back in when I returned. What was my experience? My friend was carrying a lot of energy, some of which was for me and needed to be integrated and some of which was not for me and needed to be shed. Walking is a great way for me to deal with these energies. Subconsciously, these determinations are made and the appropriate processes take place. I have given the universe clear and unambiguous signals in terms of my intentions and energies that support are integrated while energies that oppose are discarded. I got home two or three hours later feeling my friend and I had done all we were to do and texted my friend with this information.
He had also gone walking and arrived home at about the same time I did. His process was far more involved than my own since significant new information had been given him and major shifts were being contemplated. He has access to a sauna and steam room and headed there to continue his introspection.
The energies of these interactions have not yet subsided and when I woke this morning something seemed unfinished. In general terms, my process when helping people in crisis is to actively support them until they feel able to do whatever they have to do without active support. I then hold space for them and we may not communicate again for days or weeks or even longer. In this case, I feel a need for a follow up call. It could be something is left undone. Perhaps this follow up is for me. In any event, a follow up has been requested and we shall see.
Freedom for humanity…


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