I have gotten to know and understand Lucifer over the past three years or so. The conduit is a friend who has powerful connections into the angelic realm. He is a walk-in and came from the angelic kingdom for a specific purpose. That purpose is related to serving humanity and the coming process of Ascension. He regularly communes and interacts with the Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Metatron and many others.
Lucifer is also of the angelic kingdom and my friend has strong connections to Lucifer. Since the Fall of Atlantis, Lucifer has served duality and helped anyone who wants to create duality here on planet earth. In Oneness, we are all sovereign, in other words we each report directly to Source and to no one else. In duality only the top dog is sovereign and everyone else reports to someone else. In Oneness there is abundance and no one experiences survival needs. This means that everyone can concentrate on what they were born to do. In duality there is scarcity and people have to work for a living and can be exploited as scarcity prevents them from concentrating on what they were born to do. Lucifer has served duality ever since the fall of Atlantis and perhaps before.
Ascension is about many things and one of them is Oneness. Humanity will be moving from duality into Oneness and all that Oneness stands for, specifically abundance and individual sovereignty. Lucifer will be out of a job when this happens.
The energies of duality are addictive. The power and the rush of being someone special, of being elite and able to command others and dispense favours is addictive. There is more to it than that as Lucifer has the ability to shift the laws of physics and create miracles. That is everyone’s birthright and a staple quality of ascended masters so perhaps that is all there is to this; or perhaps not. In any event, Lucifer and his energies are extremely seductive. Several times, my friend has been possessed by Lucifer.
Possession is complicated and I do not pretend to understand it entirely, but the fundamentals I understand. Possession can only occur if permission is given and possession must end when permission is withdrawn. With this basic understanding, I have helped my friend to evict Lucifer and end an episode of possession. Essentially, my friend had invited Lucifer in and Lucifer had taken over as the driver of the bus. My friend was still there as a passenger and was able to use his will and his connections to Source to take back the vehicle of his body/mind and evict Lucifer.
Lucifer is ever an opportunist and this pattern has been repeated several times in the past three years. Sometimes I have been involved in the eviction and sometimes my friend has done it alone or with the help of some other person. The thing that makes all this possible is my friend’s love for Lucifer. They have shared much together and love each other like brothers and it is this love that continues to provide pathways for possession. My friend invites possession out of love and love is the strongest power in the universe.
Eventually, my friend will provide an avenue for Lucifer to return to a Light based agenda, to return to Source. That will happen for us all and the only question is when. It could be in this lifetime, either before or after Ascension, or it could be several lifetimes down the road. Source is very patient and Source honours free will and individual sovereignty so Lucifer is in charge of the timing; however because of the strength of love, it is not a matter of if, it is only a matter of when.
Lucifer will return to serving Source; we all will. When that happens, the love my friend has for Lucifer will provide an avenue and my friend will play a part. The trick for my friend is to discontinue playing a part until Lucifer is ready to join the Light.
Freedom for humanity…


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