A Reframe

A few months ago, I got information that I was to help someone heal themselves. It was a complicated situation and a major complication has been that this person is an independent thinker who has not wanted help in healing their disease. I applaud this in many ways and honour it but unfortunately, these independent attempts have not succeeded and my sense is they will not succeed. Sometimes we need help and cannot heal ourselves and I keep getting that this is one of those situations. Over the last few days, a breakthrough occurred and today is the day I am to present my case. I asked for help in understanding and clarifying my case so that I am ready for the presentation later today.
What came to me in the night was that this is very similar to my experience with my daughter about three years ago. The major difference is that my daughter’s disease was in the etheric, not yet in the physical and this person’s is in the physical. Once an illness is manifest in the physical it is more difficult to deal with, but we will get to that in due course. My role with my daughter was to provide information and to reframe her thought processes. That is the same role I am to play here. My role as a healer was minimal with my daughter as once she had the information and saw her situation differently; she was able to heal herself. The same is true in this case.
Okay, so what is the information and what is the reframe? The information is that the disease is an artificial disease and not part of the natural order of things. This may be true of all diseases but that is not the point here, the point is that this particular disease is part of the illusion created here on earth and can be transcended. This information has already been given and has not been accepted so today’s dialogue will have to find a new approach; else the reframe will not occur.
In searching for pathway to a reframe, I keep coming to one fundamental difference between my worldview and my friend’s. She is a warrior through and through. She was born into a family of warriors, married a warrior and has raised her children as warriors. This way of looking at the world is deeply imbued into her being and into her DNA. Reframing at this level is a dangerous proposition as even if it can be done the results may not be pretty as her entire foundation would be destroyed.
A different reframe is possible and if successful will be far more effective. That reframe is in terms of the relationship between herself and the disease. The disease is an autoimmune disease which means that her immune system is mistakenly seeing another part of her body as a foreign invader and therefore attacking it. A warrior’s mentality will not work in this kind of situation since there is no enemy, there is only you. It makes no sense to attack the immune system or weaken it in any way because it is needed to fight off other diseases, foreign bodies such as viruses and bacteria. It makes no sense to attempt to protect the part that is currently being attacked because what you are protecting it from is your own immune system. This is not a job for a warrior. This is a job for a diplomat. This is not the time to fight either for or against since both parties are parts of herself. This is a time to love all parts and embrace all parts and get all parts loving and embracing each other. This is a time for introductions and handshakes and getting to know each other. This is a time for humour and laughter and comedy routines. This is not a serious matter in any way, it is simply a misunderstanding.
Let’s call our immune system Jo and our connective tissue Toni and introduce them to one another as friends. Let’s get them laughing together and spending joyful time together and remind both that we are all in this together, and only by working together can the whole succeed. Let’s love them both and embrace them both and go first to a truce and then to a beautiful and beneficial ongoing partnership of mutual love and respect.
Freedom for humanity…


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