As a dabbler into spirituality in the 1990’s, the allure came from the concept of enlightenment. What did enlightenment mean to me at the time? Enlightenment was an achievement, a way of thinking and being that set certain people apart, gave them credentials and the ability to lead others. I knew I wanted to be and become enlightened and I could then do whatever it was that I came to do; I could then live my mission. My spiritual target was to become enlightened and then I could get on with my life after achieving this glowing plateau, this worthiness that was lacking. At the time I saw it as either/or, either a person is enlightened or they are not. As an individual, enlightenment was my goal and once achieved I believed my life would shift and my mission would fall neatly into place.
In the early 2000’s, I began to actively pursue enlightenment and when I dedicated time and resources to my spiritual development in the spring of 2004, enlightenment was my target. Over the next year and a half, I made much progress and somewhere along the way I began to see myself as having achieved enlightenment. Mostly I kept this to myself, but I experimented here and there with telling others. In the fall of 2005, I experienced what seemed a major reversal and targeted new learning accepting that enlightenment was not yet my due.
That ushered in a period where meditation played a central role in my spiritual life. My meditation teachers used ascension as a metaphor for enlightenment and I began to target ascension, specifically the human ability to ascend into a higher dimension without experiencing death. As far as I could understand, this required spiritual and mental transformations and a pure body that could carry more energy in the form of light. Ascension became my spiritual goal. In many ways, it was simply an extension of enlightenment, the old goal wrapped up in a more expansive package.
One of the things I learned was to access Divine guidance and to follow that guidance. My guidance was to make major shifts in the spring of 2008 and I followed that guidance believing that action would lead directly to Ascension. This led to a major detour as I chased Ascension and ignored my guidance for about a three month period.
When I finally got back on track in the summer of 2008 something had shifted. Enlightenment/Ascension was no longer a homerun to be hit or a goal to be achieved. Enlightenment had become a never ending journey, a way of living my life. Each step forward, each piece of progress did not bring me closer to a goal, instead it was all part of a life to be lived and a journey without end. Each step forward, each piece of progress brought more light and joy into my life and into my never ending journey.
In this way of thinking, enlightenment is both the natural result of the many steps taken along the way and a moving target that can be glimpsed but never achieved since no matter how much progress any one makes, there is always more to be achieved. Ascension becomes a new plateau and the natural extension of humanity’s evolution, but nothing extraordinary or an end unto itself. Ascension is simply a new beginning with a new set of capabilities and a new set of rules. The journey continues as before and there remains much to be done.
In this way of thinking, I no longer chase after goals of any kind. I don’t seek enlightenment and I don’t seek Ascension. I continue to seek progress. I continue to expand my awareness and learn my lessons as they are given me, but a major shift has occurred. There is no goal; there is no game ending plateau. Instead, a never ending vista presents itself with a never ending succession of lessons to be learned. Some cannot be encountered until others are learned and so it is a journey, not a destination.
There is a deep peacefulness in this way of looking at the world and in this way of living a life. Gone is the striving and the sense of unworthiness, instead is an awareness of the lessons being presented and a willingness to take that next step without any expectation of gain or of a goal to be achieved. It is all part of a life well lived and part of a never ending journey.
Freedom for humanity…


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