Taking a Teacher

I went to the second of five ten day meditation retreats in the summer of 2006. Two months earlier I had surrendered to Divinity. In practice, this meant I accessed the Divine voice within me about every important decision in my life and honoured the information and guidance that resulted from this access. In some ways, it was as simple as checking with my intuition and honouring it but I added a loop into this process of asking what served the greater good to make sure I was honouring Divinity and not some ego based entity.
The meditation teachers served someone they called their Teacher (big T intended) and each had taken vows surrendering to this Teacher in accordance with the group’s Eastern based cosmology. Those attending the retreat were a mix of people who had taken vows and those who had not. I had not. People such as me were considered prospects.
The Teacher was someone I had not met but his emissaries were all around me and each encouraged me in their own way to ‘get serious’ and take a Teacher. Meditation retreats are perfect for this kind of activity and I sat with this question, surrendering it to the Divinity within. Back came a clear answer, wordless but unmistakable. ‘Do not take a Teacher. Your path is to achieve ascension/enlightenment without taking a Teacher.’ In some ways this seemed a golden opportunity lost since all around me were people more advanced than I was who believed taking a Teacher was ‘the way’ and that only ego prevented people from taking this necessary step.
Over the ten days of that retreat, I revisited this question from every conceivable angle, both looking for a loophole and looking for assurances that I could in fact make the spiritual progress I desired without taking a Teacher. Essentially, the assurance came in two parts. ‘Have faith, all is possible to Divinity’ and ‘teachers will be provided along the way as you become ready for them.’ I had already had the experience of being taught by the most unlikely of sources so this seemed quite believable.
I attended three more ten day meditation retreats with this group including one where the Teacher was present and our diverging views conflicted. As a result, the group began to treat me as something other than a prospect and I soon felt unwelcome and left, continuing my independent path.
Three or four years later, I learned about individual sovereignty and not taking a Teacher fit solidly into that framework. When someone surrenders to a Teacher, they temporarily give up their sovereignty. They can regain it and I have helped people do this, but while they are surrendered to the Teacher, they lack individual sovereignty.
There are subtle variations on this same theme. In my case, I continued to seek out people I considered to be more advanced than I was and follow in their footsteps. Some placed conditions on my use of the lessons they taught me, and again I would leave as this also violates my individual sovereignty. About a year ago, I began to follow someone I believed could provide leadership for rejuvenation and ascension. They placed conditions on my use of what they taught and I left about six months ago. At long last I was truly honouring the guidance given me at that meditation retreat over five years ago. I was pursuing my own independent path to ascension/enlightenment. The universe has responded very positively to my choice to pursue an independent path and has sent me all kinds of resources and all kinds of teachers as I become ready.
When the student is ready the teacher will appear has been my consistent truth.
Freedom for humanity…


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