Shifting into the Light

I did my first past life journey around Christmas time in 2005 and over the next couple of years did several more with the same facilitator, Allan Green, a gifted man who experiences what his clients experience. On one of these journeys, I asked to see lifetimes with the dark, expecting to see life times in which I worked for the dark’s agenda of control and the exploitation of others. Such lifetimes were not shown me; instead I was shown lifetimes where I lived as a Lightworker and interacted with the dark, often resulting in my premature death.
One such lifetime was in Egypt three or four thousand years BC. I was a powerful dark agent who chose to be purified and the segment began with my purification process and the sense of not belonging that followed. Somehow, over the next few years, I managed to take over an important temple previously held by the dark and was shown some of the work we did there as people came from all over the known world to learn and advance in this Light filled temple. My role was to hold the space while others did healing, purification, and Ascension work. We were an obvious target of the dark and I was shown my death. I was peacefully confronting a powerful dark agent, someone very well known to me, when his wife came up behind me and drove a dagger into my back piercing my heart. I stayed around in spirit to observe what happened and all my Lightworkers had to flee or go into hiding as the dark took over the temple and the work we were doing was ended.
I began to target a similar experience in this lifetime and in the fall of 2008 owned and operated a healing center in Toronto in partnership with a gifted healer. The dark intervened in a different way on this occasion, influencing the healer and creating dissension. I left the center in late November knowing this was not my purpose in this lifetime. I am to create something new rather than recreate a past life.
The healer and I remained friends and have stayed in touch as he oscillates between living the Lightworker’s life he came to live and acting under the influence of dark entities. It feels as though we uncovered the key factors in the dark’s ability to infiltrate my friend’s agenda in the latest work we did together. It began with me teaching him my process of protection from dark agents. I declare myself to be in the Light and clarify as much as possible my Lightworker’s intention. Then I take the intention that only those of the Light are welcome in my presence.
My friend began to work with similar intentions and uncovered a loophole. We are all of the Light and entities with dark agendas can sneak in through this loophole. My friend was advised to shift his intention from ‘of the Light’ to ‘in the Light’. To help us in understanding the importance of this shift, a dark agent infiltrated my space using this same loophole and my friend then shared this information with me so we each helped each other over the space of a few days and are now adequately protected and able to advise others on how to protect themselves.
Before completing this blog, I was guided to go walking and as I walked, some new information came in. In my case, the intention is too restrictive, keeping away those who would like to shift from a dark agenda and come into the Light. That is part of my agenda in this lifetime as many current agents of the dark are finding emptiness in that way of life and considering shifting. People such as this are of particular interest to me as it shifts the balance of power and furthers the agenda of the Light. Many of my skills are especially suited to facilitating such a shift.
My new protection intention is that only those in the Light or wanting to shift into the Light are welcome in my presence.
Freedom for humanity…


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