Team Spirit Revived

Just got off a Skype call with a friend and it was expansive stuff. In the fall of 2005 I experienced what seemed to me to be a major reversal. I was working for something called Humanity’s Team, a Neale Donald Walsch creation and had an important role within this voluntary organization as the Canadian Coordinator. I had a grassroots vision of how this organization could succeed and we had just held a very successful Canadian weekend gathering with about fifty people present. Unfortunately, the leadership of Humanity’s Team had their own vision of success and it was a very top down vision, driven by the top people and falling into the trap of restricting others within their limited vision. My view then and now is that authority structures are completely inappropriate for spiritual endeavours because they disrespect individual sovereignty, a key element in all highly evolved endeavours. How does a spiritual organization succeed using archaic methods? They don’t. Humanity’s Team fired me in the fall of 2005 and it seemed a major reversal at the time.

I worked with forgiveness and within a week or two was past the hurt and back on my path. I was given a name for a spiritual organization and began to develop principles by which it would be guided. That name was Team Spirit. Team Spirit became part of what I did and I used the principles in all that I did. In the summer and fall of 2008, I was given the opportunity to expand Team Spirit from a concept into something real, to manifest Team Spirit. I had been shown a lifetime in ancient Egypt where I had held space for a spiritual center while others did healing, purification, and Ascension work. I was working with a gifted healer and my vision was to recreate the success of that lifetime and we opened a healing center based on that vision. The dark intervened creating dissension and my guidance was to leave. I left and could then see that my mission for this lifetime is to create something new rather than recreate the success of a previous lifetime.

My friend, the gifted healer, has taken up the torch of Team Spirit and is creating within the concepts we discussed during our time at the center and in our ongoing dialogue ever since. How did I feel about passing the torch? How did I feel about someone else carrying the Team Spirit Torch? When I went inward the answer was clear and unambiguous. I was thrilled that Team Spirit was continuing and wanted to bless this venture. I got the chance during the Skype call and wrote an empowering email to my friend after the call saying:

Loved our talk this morning, especially the opportunity it presented to bless your Team Spirit initiatives. Years ago, I thought I should be doing more to breathe life into Team Spirit and went inward to see what that might be. What I got was, Let it Be; it is not presently yours to do anything with Team Spirit. That applies today as well and there is an added caveat that it is not mine to hold onto Team Spirit, it does not belong to me. I give it to you freely and without attachments and without conditions and ask only one thing; that you also be capable of giving it freely and without attachments if and when that time comes. Team Spirit is not to be owned by anyone; only used and utilized in service of the Light.

I do not know if this is my friend’s life mission or not, only he can know that and the workings of the Universe will deliver that message in due course. It is my friend’s current mission to manifest within the concept of Team Spirit and this he is doing. He is presently in a position where he is being required to stand and hold the space and our morning talk was mostly about this situation with lots of dialogue about the how’s and about boundaries in terms of functioning as a holder of space.

It will be as it will be and at least for now, Team Spirit is serving humanity, serving sovereignty and serving Ascension. May these endeavours be blessed.

Freedom for humanity…


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