A Sirian Friend

I have a friend named Judy who has led a very active spiritual life, well ahead of the curve. I am of great value to Judy because I treat everything she says as truth and we then fit it into a cosmology. Here is an overview of what we have uncovered to date.
Judy is a star child or a walk-in from Sirius with strong ongoing connections to Sirians, especially to a husband residing in a higher dimension resident to the Sirian star system. In the walk-in scenario, she accepted a mission related to Ascension and came to earth sometime in the 80’s. In the star child scenario, she began to awaken and live her mission at that time. She has a human aspect, as do we all, and her human aspect has never really understood her mission or the things that have happened to her, e.g. her experience. Judy is in some way a prototype for human ascension and has undergone many operations performed by her Sirian connections on behalf of humanity. None of this was forced on Judy and she was always a willing participant, frequently choosing the hard way if it would hasten the process and always targeting to maximize the percentage of humanity that will be able to ascend, able to shift into the higher dimension soon to come.
A side effect of these operations has been a raising of Judy’s consciousness such that she forgets she is still in the third dimension and begins to act as though she is already in the fifth, in the Ascended dimension. In this state, she appears to some as insane, as manic depressive, and in the 80’s and 90’s she was several times forcibly taken to psych wards and released when third dimensional thinking returned. In the last few years, she has learned to manage these excursions and remain ‘of this world’, if not presently in it and has learned some skills to prevent such abuses and loss of liberty.
Judy’s human life has two failed marriage, two grown children to whom she was not always able to be a good mother and her last several years have been a constant struggle with scarcity. She has great skills in terms of manifesting but they do not extent to money or even to jobs that would raise money. As a consequence, she has often lived in lack and with constant pressure to pay her bills etc. She did not learn to stand up for herself until recently and this contributed to many experiences as a victim when in truth she is an extremely powerful person unable or unwilling to use her power in her own behalf. I have been able to provide insight and skills in this regard.
Her Sirian connections, especially her husband have remained in touch over the years. They interact telepathically and in a variety of subtle ways. These are often beyond Judy’s ken at the time but leave markers and memories that surface later within Judy’s human consciousness. One of the more dramatic ways her husband interacts with the human part of Judy is by using human avatars or willing humans as puppets for short interactions. This is particularly common during episodes of raised consciousness and occurs in malls, parks and other public places where the avatar can appear without raising questions. It has also occurred in two willing men that have shared aspects of Judy’s experience, one for several years as a co-worker and the other more recently as a friend and sometimes companion.
I asked Judy what she saw as her future in fifty years time. ‘It is not here on earth’ she affirmed. ‘I am reconnected with my Sirian husband and pioneering on another planet that needs the kind of help I have pioneered here.’
Thank you for the time you spent here Judy and thank you for the work you have done and continue to do on behalf of humanity and on behalf of Ascension here on earth.
Freedom for humanity…


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