A Sirian Completion

My Sirian friend, Judy, has been on a roll since I wrote about her two days ago. It began with a lengthy telephone conversation the evening before I wrote the piece and continued with some back and forth as I wrote and published the piece. Since then she has written me several lengthy emails as she exhumes memories and fits them into the general framework of living a double life; here on third dimensional earth as an agent of Divinity on a mission supporting humanity’s and the earth’s Ascension as one part of that double life and the other part as half of a loving couple with an extended family on a planet of Sirius in a higher dimension, likely the sixth if other information about Sirius is to be believed.
The threads that have called to her and are weaved into this extended narrative are threads of how her Sirian husband has consistently been there for the earth bound Judy and how she takes unremembered vacations from this 3D reality to vacation in the higher dimension, presumably with her husband and family. These vacations are not remembered in this reality, part of being human and part of the agreement she made when accepting this earth bound assignment.
I have read all of Judy’s emails and for me, they bring up the concept of one’s completion. A brief explanation seems in order. In many cosmologies, Source creates new souls in pairs, each the completion of the other. In this way, each of us is assured of the energetically perfect traveling companion as we make our way through the adventures of living on our trip back to Source. In the lower dimensions, we are so scattered that life with our completion does not hold much allure, but as we ascend into the higher dimensions, many of us reunite with our completion and continue our journey in this partnership, perfectly complemented and completed at the level of our soul.
For several years now, I have been getting various bits and pieces of information that I am to be reunited with my completion once I achieve the major pieces of the mission I came to do when I was born here on earth shortly after the Second World War. The short form is that my completion is not available within the third dimension, but once I ascend into the fifth, we will be able to reunite. She has given me brief visits of her energy and it has been a strong attractor as I walk my path.
Although Judy does not couch her story in these terms, it seems obvious to me that her Sirian husband is her completion. The love they have for each other has that other worldly quality and the devotion they share for each other could not otherwise occur. This makes perfect sense of both Judy’s longing for a high quality relationship in this dimension and her inability to find and sustain such a relationship. She already has it in a higher dimension and therefore knows what she is missing and the husband cannot or will not come to this dimension, perhaps because a tread back to the higher dimension must be maintained, so this soul fulfilling relationship is not available to Judy in this dimension.
Why would anyone agree to leave such bliss and take part in the soul numbing experience of three D earth? We do all this because of service. Once we learn our lessons and advance to a certain level we understand that we are all one and that we must all reach salvation or none of us reach salvation. That is the motivation. We must each do what we can for others who are less fortunate or less advanced to raise their consciousness and ascend into higher dimensions. That is the game we all came to play.
There is another motivation, an even stronger motivation. We do all this because of love. Each of us has a deep rooted love for humanity. It is in our DNA and it is in whatever comprises our soul, our spirit. This love motivates us in all we do and sustains us as we make our way back to Source.
Freedom for humanity…


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