The Pilot’s Chair

For the past several months, I have lived in acceptance of the possibility that ascension may not take place at the end of the era, at the winter solstice in a little over one year’s time. In this way of thinking, the era ends and a new era begins on this end date, but the shifts and changes that are to come do not happen until sometime later, perhaps several years or even several decades later. In one cosmology, it is not until toward the end of this century when the major shifts are initiated and begin to take place. All of this has been easy for me to accept and I find that the way I live my life and the intentions I take are unchanged in any way. I still intend two things. One is to pioneer ascension and rejuvenation within the third dimension and the other is to sweep the ruling elite from power so that all of humanity can access the truth about these processes and make informed free will choices about their individual desire in these matters.
Last night I watched a three hour internet movie posted on YouTube called FULL MOVIE – 2012 The Online Movie FINAL UPDATE — (2010)
It is selected interviews and seminars given by leading people in humanity’s experience of expanding consciousness as we approach the end of the era. Calleman’s end date of October 28, 2011 will soon be upon us and people like David Wilcock and David Icke share stories and opinions about what is happening and what is to come. David Wilcock is a credible witness and he does not tell stories that have not been verified and cross referenced. He shared a story that affected me profoundly, one I had not previous heard.
It is well known in these circles that one or more space ships crashed in the years after WWII and that the ruling elite took control of the wreckage and attempted to reverse engineer the technology. The pilot’s chair was one such find and with the help of cooperative Sirians here on other missions, they were able to make the chair work as a time travelling device where the pilot sits in it and by intention travels either forward or backward in time. An obvious target time period is after the end of the era. Consistently and repeatably, whoever piloted the chair would experience a bump when traveling to a time beyond the end of the era, like hitting something while driving a vehicle, and the pilot would then experience a mind blowing shift in consciousness, a mind blowing shift that did not leave the pilot even after returning to the present time in the third dimension.
I trust the human experience above all else. My own experience is at the top of this trust, but the experience of others is right up there. I have not yet had the experience of time travelling beyond the shift or for that matter any time in the future. I have deliberately avoided such experience even though it is not that different from time traveling back into the past, something I have done on several occasions. I have also had Grace filled experiences with Divinity and these are mind blowing in their own way. In short, I trust this report of human experience and its implications that suggest a major and unprecedented shift in consciousness is in the works surrounding the end of the era.
A constant refrain of the consciousness movement is to remain in the now and remain grounded. The future is not yet written and the timeline for the portion of humanity who currently inhabit the earth has not yet been chosen. By remaining in the now and remaining grounded to Gaia’s energy, I can most effectively influence the future of humanity and the timeline that is chosen. That is my mission; to make a smooth and beneficial transition, in whatever timeframe that transition occurs.
Freedom for humanity…


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