October 28, 2011

Mainstream media has payed precious little attention to an upcoming date that has great significance within the Mayan calendar system. That date is Friday October 28, 2011, only three days from today. In work done by Carl Johan Calleman October 28, 2011 is the end of the current era of duality and the beginning of the new era. He does not dispute that the long count continues for more than a year until the winter solstice of 2012, but contends that the more important part of the calendar and its amazing prophetic powers points to an end date of October 28, 2011 more than a year earlier than the end of the calendar.
Since assuming self leadership in these matters back in April, I have let what is important to me come to me and Calleman’s work has fit into this category. Over the last few days, I have asked to understand it better and what I am getting is that Calleman is essentially correct; the current era supporting duality is ending on October 28, 2011. The portion of humanity most affected will be the ruling elite. Over the past decade or so, their support has been slowly eroded and this shift will officially end all their other worldly support. The ruling elite and the systems they have created will crumble and fall which means things like banking and debt, media control, wars, and scarcity will all evaporate over time as unsustainable and unsupported artificial contrivances. The level of panic and the resultant hardships is part of what is not written and therefore something humanity is collectively choosing as we go. The new era is beautiful and harmonious in every way and it remains to be seen how smoothly humanity will transition into this era.
One lightworker friend put it this way, ‘The new era is ordained by Divinity and coming no matter what. Nothing and no one can prevent it.’
What do I believe is preordained? Two things. First, the current era of duality ends and a new era of oneness begins on some date and I presently believe that date to be October 28, 2011. Why was this date chosen? That is not explained and the date seems to have no significance in any cosmic sense but we do have the Mayan calendars and their long history of prophetic accuracy. Second, a major shift in human consciousness along with a new earth within a higher dimension begins at some date and I presently believe that date to be December 21, 2012. This is also the winter solstice and the end of the Mayan calendar. These things are preordained and will happen one way or another.
There are about 420 days between these two dates and they should be very interesting times. I intend to stay present for these days and do all I can do guided by my dual intentions surrounding humanity’s Ascension. One intention is to be a pioneer for humanity in terms of Ascension activities such as rejuvenation and expanding consciousness that are necessary to live in physicality within the higher dimension which is Ascension. The other is to end the reign of the ruling elite and bring truth to all of humanity such that everyone can make an informed choice about Ascension. Free will and individual sovereignty is being respected and each of us is individually being given the choice to Ascend or not. With the ruling elite controlling the media and exploiting humanity, few have the time or the inclination to dig out the truth surrounding this choice and the ruling elite must step aside in order for this information to become freely and readily available.
What do I expect on Friday the 28th? Nothing much, just more of the same with energetic inputs continuing on many levels. What do I expect on Saturday, the 29th? A sense of support and a sense that the current danger of speaking my truth is ended. The ruling elite will no longer be in a position to enforce their artificial constraints upon the truth and prevent information on their many misdeeds from becoming public knowledge. We will witness and partake in a wide variety of activities as the systems supporting the ruling elite crumble and the ruling elite is forced to step aside.
Freedom for humanity…


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