The Silence

I really wanted to write this morning. I had not written yesterday as the energies being sent my way affected me greatly and I slept much of the day and generally did very little. I am thankful that my lifestyle allows such days and that I have no employer or any one for that matter asking for explanations. This morning dawned bright and clear as the fogginess of yesterday seemed to have lifted and I was hopeful of writing something of high quality, in other words something channelled to me in my own roundabout way where my writing has an other worldly aspect to it and I know beyond any doubt that the source of the information did not come from me or at least not from the small me with its limited information base. The sporting metaphor is that I wanted to hit a home run.
What could I write about that would have that kind of quality? That was easy. Assuming the current era is ending tomorrow on October 28, 2011, I could and perhaps should write about that; about the impacts and perhaps make a few predictions, be a seer into the times to come. I was shown one lifetime where I was a noted seer and on my death bed; royalty came from far and wide to hear my predictions of the future. What I was shown was devastation and enslavement and I shared this with those gathered in my honour. They were angry and wanted me to recant but I was true to my craft and would not. I died shortly after and chose to live in the spirit realm for the next hundred years rather than come back to the low quality of life available to Lightworkers in that coming century.
I did all the usual things to coax the writer in me, but nothing worked and another episode of energies came upon me so I lay down for a nap (getting to be a habit?) and when I woke, it was with some inner part of me telling the congregate me that I am to write about the Silence.
The Silence has served me well over the years. For me, the Silence has three major components, one is sleep, another is meditation and the third is solitude.
Sleep is a tried and true form of the Silence and has long been a powerful force for truth in my life. When I am faced with a difficult decision and do not have to make the decision immediately, I sleep on it and ask my guidance to weigh in while I sleep. Since surrendering to Divinity over five years ago, before going to sleep I ask for the greater good solution or choice as I recognize the greater good is also my greater good. Consistently I know the answer when I wake. I don’t know how I got the answer nor do I have an evidence procedure in terms that can explain it to myself or to anyone else, but I know and consistently over the past five years, I accept that answer and decide accordingly. That has made a tremendous difference in my life and I intend to continue using this process for the rest of this lifetime and beyond.
Meditation is a waking form of the Silence, especially useful when I am being lulled into patterns that need to shift in order to progress toward something I want. This is the kind of thing that appears to need no decision but underneath that illusion is the truth. I did over sixty days of meditation in the last half of 2006 and all of 2007 and my life shifted dramatically by the middle of 2008. This was not in the cards as I saw them prior to all that meditation and it would have been easy for me to miss the boat and continue doing as I was doing while missing the window of opportunity to live my life’s mission, to do what I came to do in this lifetime. The soul has infinite resources so I cannot say that I would have missed the opportunity, but at the very least, meditation allowed me to find a peaceful and healthy way to make the shifts that were necessary.
Solitude is a way of being in the Silence and walking for me is an active form of solitude. I have walked every week in the last five years and sometimes many times in the week. Walking is especially useful for integrating energy and for assimilating that which is mine and shedding that which is not. It feels like time for a walk. Tomorrow is the end of the era and I filled with the warm glow of excited anticipation, like a child on Christmas Eve.
Freedom for humanity…

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