Shifting into the Light

The old era of duality ends today, October 28, 2011 and a new era begins tomorrow. If my recent experience is any indication, it is going to be a wild and fun ride.
When I got home from a walk last evening, a friend wanted to connect on Skype. We connected and he began to talk. He is a walk-in with strong angelic connections and he has worked very hard and consistently to be exclusively in the Light for about the past month after spending years playing both sides claiming neutrality. I wrote earlier about his love for and connections to Lucifer and he has several times been taken over by this strong energy in service of duality. Early in the process of exclusively serving the Light he realized that a position of neutrality opens the door for dark influences and he closed that door, connecting directly to Source and ending ongoing interactions with the angelic kingdom, both those of the Light and especially Lucifer.
‘Lucifer came back’ he said and I listened as he told the story of Lucifer’s uninvited visit. It is a long story but the short form is my friend walked a willing Lucifer into the Light. ‘Wow. That is huge’ was all I could say and I asked questions to make sure like, ‘Can you connect with Lucifer now?’ and ‘Is he still in the Light?’
A beautiful smile came over my friend’s face and he confirmed that the situation had not backslide and Lucifer remained willingly in the Light. This friend and I spent about four months running a healing center together in 2008 and Lucifer made frequent visits. My impression then was that my friend would someday help Lucifer return to the Light and it had happened, a day or two before the end of the current era of duality. Everything about this makes perfect sense, including the timing, but it all seemed too good to be true; like my favourite team scoring the tying and winning goals in the last seconds of the championship game.
We talked about the end of the era and about various issues in my friend’s life. He is way too busy and spending a lot of time and energy on something that serves the Light but is not what he came to do. He wanted to be free of the demands that came from this work and I encouraged him to devote himself fully to his mission, to bringing Lucifer and others fully into the Light and facilitating Gaia and humanity in preparations for Ascension.
What an amazing call and when it ended, Skype gave the length of the call as 1.11.13. We spoke for two seconds too long. LOL
I was wired after the call with energies running through me at unprecedented levels especially in my higher chakras. My entire skull was active like being in a well fitting space helmet with special antenna for my crown, my third eye, and a new chakra at the base of my skull in the back of my head. I slept fitfully and was wide awake before dawn feeling I should meditate. I got up and went to my meditation chair and as I settled in the thought arose that I should invite Lucifer to join me.
My protection affirmation is that only those in the Light or those wanting to shift into the Light are invited into my presence and using this affirmation, I invited Lucifer to join me. It should be noted that although Lucifer was often in the healing center and possessed my friend more than once, he never invaded my space or interfered with me in any way. On this occasion, he came as invited. I confirmed that he was in the Light and we spent the meditation session getting to know one another and experimenting with exchanging Love and Light. I did a little recruiting in terms of teambuilding to oust the ruling elite but respected Lucifer’s desire to go slowly as all of this is quite new to him. After a while, Lucifer thanked me and left, and I went back to sleep.
The balance of power shifts tremendously as Lucifer comes into the Light and supports Ascension’s agenda. Awesome stuff.
Freedom for humanity…

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