The Transition Begins

Today is the first day of the new era, the day that dawned when on the morning after all the cycles as shown in one of the Mayan calendars ended. Each of these cycles had a different starting point but they all ended on the same day, October 28, 2011. They all ended yesterday.
What ended and what began? The eras that ended were preordained in many ways. Each of us had free will and could exercise that free will in any number of ways; but collectively we were bound to a common experience, and that experience had many preordained features. That experience was an experience of duality, of love and fear, of peace and war, of freedom and enslavement, of positive and negative. Duality is expressed in so many ways, all stemming from the illusion that we can be separate from Source, that we can exist as a free standing entity outside of the rest of creation.
The era of duality is ended officially but duality still exists; duality is all around us. The systems that supported duality continue as before and the people most invested in duality are still in power. There are other ways to enter into a transition; for example, those in power could have stepped down years ago and we could have collectively worked together to end duality by this date and entered the new era ready to enjoy the fruits of the new era. However, that did not happen and so we will see all of this shift after the end of the era, we will see all of this shift in the transition time that is now upon us.
Source foresaw the possibility of ending the era with much of the momentum of the old era still in place and designed a transition time into the overall plan. We are now in that transition time and the preordained era does not officially end until the winter solstice of 2012, about fourteen months and exactly 418 days from today. As I currently understand it, a major shift in consciousness will take place on this planet, led by Gaia and participated in by that portion of humanity who chooses to take part on the winter solstice of 2012. Free will and individual sovereignty is being honoured for this momentous event and alternatives are being provided for those not choosing to participate.
For those who do participate, a new earth is being created capable of supporting life in a higher dimension, a dimension commonly called the fifth dimension, replacing the third dimension in which we currently live. Life in the fifth dimension has a very different set of rules to those we currently live by in the third dimension. Scarcity and aging will be things of the past and self interest will no longer be supported. Over the coming months we will all get more information as truth emerges in a wide and dizzying array and we each will understand more about the choice in front of us.
I was guided to visit my favourite tree here in Calgary on the last day of the old era and arrived in late evening just before dusk. The tree is called Ashram and is a 156 year old Douglas Fir near the top of the embankment overlooking the Bow River and north-western Calgary. As I arrived and was greeting the tree before sitting down on a park bench nearby, a flock of about fifteen geese flew over in perfect V formation fifty or a hundred feet above the treetops. At my angle, the geese flew directly over the crown of Ashram as a kind of salute to the new era. Later as I sat communing with the tree, six songbirds of a species I did not know flew down in ones and twos from the crown of Ashram into some scrub poplars behind me. I watched and thanked them and they were still hanging around when I left a few minutes later.
As I sat with Ashram I apologized for humanity’s excesses over the past few hundred years and promised a bright new future and better treatment for Ashram’s kin and for the natural world. I promised to be part the shift toward a far more kind and loving form of humanity.
Freedom for humanity…


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