Single in Service

I was privileged to hear the story of a friend recently. In many ways it is a sad story of searching in vain for true love and of being treated as a second choice. The latest episode is as the lover of man who lost his wife to cancer about ten years ago. The wife remains very much part of the equation, perhaps as a ghost with unknown motivation for haunting her husband. Again, my friend’s love interest is either unwilling or unable to give my friend her due.
She is a very advanced spiritual being and took some major steps before this latest romance so why does this kind of situation keep cropping up for her? She asked and was told, ‘Because you have lessons to learn in this type of situation.’ Okay, good to know and I can let go of that situation but something remains for me.
Why is it that so many of my spiritual friends are single? Let me start with a case I know very well, my own. I was married to someone I loved and who loved me but she did not honour my soul’s agenda and strong hints were given to us that she would not survive if we chose to stay together. My marriage became part of what I left in order to do what I came to do; in order to live my mission. This kind of situation is quite common among my spiritual friends as they honour their guidance and make shifts and changes which often include current love interests.
It is not a simple equation of out with the old in order to make way for the new, and many of my spiritual friends remain single without a significant other in their lives. Another factor has greatly influenced my particular situation. Some years ago I became aware of the concept of one’s completion. In this concept, souls are created in pairs each a perfect energetic match for the other. As we learn our lessons and advance to the higher dimensions, we become more and more attracted to our completion and at some point reconnect and travel together, supporting each other on our journey.
This concept has great resonance for me and when I asked if my wife was my completion, I got a firm negative in response. That influenced my choice to separate and influences my openness to prospective mates. I can easily learn if they are my completion and if they are not, a serious relationship does not seem fair since I am looking for my completion. A complication in my case is information that my completion is currently not in this dimension and is not a part of humanity here on earth. One of my friends has been oft visited by her completion who is also not part of humanity. That could be true of many of us as we enter the last phases of this grand experiment to raise an entire race of people into a higher dimension. My completion has made herself known to me and has promised to join me once I am in that higher dimension.
That does not mean I am closed to a relationship in the here and now but certain criteria would have to met, among them would be honesty on my part that I am only available until my completion comes into my world. Another would be support for my spiritual mission. My mission comes first and a relationship only makes sense if my partner supports my mission and contributes towards its fulfillment. Perhaps these are prohibitive criteria. After all, doesn’t this make my partner a second choice in many ways? Kind of you will do until the real thing comes along and even then, my mission comes first. Reminds me of the protagonist in a movie I saw recently called The Big Year, where the wife kept getting shunted to the sidelines as a competition takes precedence. Eventually she leaves.
Perhaps that is why the universe has not sent me anyone suitable. That is okay as my mission gets my full attention and my completion awaits its completion. Complete enough for you? LOL
Freedom for humanity…


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