Everything has Changed

The era of duality ended on October 28, four days ago and the shift in ambient energy is profound. It is subtle so those heavily into duality will not even notice it, but for me and for many of my friends it is a whole new world. Nothing has changed and yet everything has changed.
That needs some explaining. On the level of physicality, nothing has changed. The world continues as before with the ruling elite calling the shots and their support systems still in place. My world continues as before with the same bills and bank balances. The physical world has not changed…yet.
At the level of energy, everything has changed. The energy of duality supports hierarchy and exploitation while the energy of oneness supports individual sovereignty and service to others. I have lived in the energy of oneness for several years now and it was like visiting in a foreign land where all around me were people who did not speak my language or value the things I value. Since October 28 the energy has shifted and my energy, the energy of oneness, is now at home in the world. This foreign land is now home and those living in duality are now visiting. Like any visitor, they are welcome but eventually they will either shift or leave because no one stays for long in energies that are at odds with their own.
I had a personal experience that seems similar. When I separated from my first wife and mother of my children, the plan was for her to complete the school year in the town we lived in and then move with our children back to her roots a six hour drive away. She did this but showed up for our summer bridge tournament. My Saturday bridge partner was an out of town woman to whom I was strongly attracted and this woman expressed concern about what my ex-wife would think. ‘This is my town now and she has overstayed her welcome. It no longer concerns me what she thinks’, and we had a wonderful time enjoying the tournament and each other’s company.
That same opinion applies to the ruling elite. ‘This is my era now and they have overstayed their welcome. It no longer concerns me what they think.’ I intend to have a wonderful time enjoying the new era and the company of like minded people. The ruling elite are welcome to visit and can join the new era anytime they want, but they are no longer welcome to call the shots and the systems they have put in place are no longer welcome either. They are living in a new era, an era of oneness and their way of life will either have to adapt or we, the people, will rise up and make changes.
We will take back our power. We will be free. We will honour the sovereignty of each person and support each person in living their life purpose. No one and nothing can prevent this. The energies of oneness are pervasive and have a subtle power that cannot be long ignored.
The energies of duality are spent and will not be renewed. In fact these energies grow weaker by the day and will soon dissipate no matter how much effort and resources is poured into keeping them dominant. It is a losing battle and one that cannot last long. There is no support from the universe and no supporting background energy off which to feed.
Instead we are blessed with a background energy of oneness and all that oneness entails. This energy feeds all the things that I hold dear, just as the background energy of duality fed all the things that I abhorred.
Do you get the picture? At the level of energy, everything has changed and that change will soon be ushered into the level of physicality.
Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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