Exploring the Transitional Energies

Yesterday, a friend whom I consider a reliable source told me that a female in spirit form appeared to him and told him she was coming to be with me. I asked him if this was my completion, the other half of the pair of souls created when we were individuated from the oneness and he could not say. The question had not occurred to him and so was not asked.
I went for a walk and generally let the information sift into my being and before going to bed asked my completion to visit me and give me more information. It seems quite possible that the end of the era of duality which occurred a few days ago on October 28 has shifted things enough so that my completion can come into this dimension, either as a walk-in or by some other means.
I was uncharacteristically wide awake around five a.m. and decided to get up and meditate, partly motivated by this new information. My completion did not show up and no further information is presently available to me in this regard. What will be, will be.
That does not mean to say the meditation session, lasting about an hour, was uneventful. The early part of the session was settling in and releasing things like my attachment to answers to the questions I was asking. Once that was done and I returned to a fully surrendered state in which I am an instrument of Divinity, some new information began to come into my awareness. Before dealing with that information, it seems important to comment on the ambient energies of the meditation.
Meditation for me has always been a peaceful experience as I transcend the shared energies of earth and humanity, and enter the energy of my Self. This is the energy of my soul and the energy of Source from whence I was created. Since October 28th, the shared energies have shifted and this is very noticeable in all aspects of my life and in the early stages of meditation. A profound change has occurred and I am no longer at odds with the shared energies. They much more closely align with the energy of my Self. That is the essence of the shift of October 28th. Of course, once I get deeper into my meditation, this shared energy disappears from my awareness and I rest in the peace of my relationship to Source.
On this occasion, once I reached the energies of Source and released my request for information about my completion, I was drawn to explore rejuvenation. Since surrendering my attachment to rejuvenation during the summer, it has seldom come to mind. I remain open to it and welcoming should it come to me, but it is like a distant friend with whom I have little communications. If the friend calls, it is welcome news; otherwise we each live our separate lives. During the deeper part of the meditation, rejuvenation called.
The shifts of October 28th have ended the era of duality and opened humanity and earth to an era of oneness. That is the nature of the peaceful energies that are now ambient. The shared energies of oneness open the pathways for rejuvenation to return to humanity and I was encouraged to explore this within the quiet and peacefulness of the deep meditative state.
Rejuvenation can be a part of my ongoing experience during this time of transition as we move from the end of the era of duality into the transformation into a higher dimension that is scheduled to occur in a little over a year, on the winter solstice of 2012. I opened myself to the work of pioneering this process as part of a team of humans doing this work and let it all wash over me as part of my ongoing relationship with my higher Self and with Source. Still nothing to report in my physical being, but all change begins in the unseen before being manifest in the seen.
I renew my intention to pioneer rejuvenation as part of my gift to humanity.
Freedom for humanity…


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