An Energetic Episode

I have long taken the viewpoint that Divinity sends me gifts in the form of energy packets. This has happened intermittently over the years and with a higher frequency after I took the intention back in 2004 to dedicate time and resources to my spiritual development. They usually come in the night and my process is to welcome them and surrender to them, thus facilitating the process and integrating the gift in accordance with my inner wisdom.
I was awakened last night around one a.m. with a new experience and it had a slightly oppressive feel to it. I ran some internal tests to insure the energies were in the Light and then welcomed them, not knowing what purpose they served, but confident in their intention to serve the Light, which of course serves me. I lay in bed for a half hour or more but the intensity of the energies persisted and it occurred to me that a meditation session was in order. Meditation strengthens the connections to Divinity and deepens the body’s ability to integrate the incoming energies and make whatever shifts are being targeted.
I got up and settled into a meditation, again first checking that the inputs were in the Light and then surrendering to the task of integration. I could feel my resistance melting as I deepened my meditation and the resulting connections to Divinity. An entity came with these inputs and sat in the usual place that visiting entities occupy, in a kind of hammock between my shoulder blades and a few inches outside of my body. My intermediary with visiting entities is the guide a foot or more above my crown chakra. It greatly assisted me when I connected to this guide which I believe to be a higher dimensional version of myself. Time for my usual disclaimer. We are each unique and your arrangement may be very different from mine, but you have a guidance system, of that there came be no doubt.
Whatever was happening went quickly and smoothly from that point and within a few minutes, the entity completed the download and left. I could feel the weight lifted off my shoulders and there followed a number of jolts, the kind I call ‘truth jolts’ as confirmation that the download was complete. As often happens, a number of involuntary inward snorts occurred which in some way provides fuel for the process. I remained in meditation for another ten or fifteen minutes as integration of the download continued and when all felt complete, I thanked Divinity and got up and went back to bed.
What happened here? I do not know and I may never know. ‘Ours is not to wonder why, ours is but to do or die’ is an old quote of dark origins that comes to mind. At times like this I am an instrument of Divinity and I place my full trust in a power much greater than my own. I know that to live my life’s mission requires resources and capabilities I do not presently possess and these will be given me as required as long as I cooperate. This experience was just such an occasion and I cooperated to the best of my ability.
When I ask this morning, what I get is that the work was an expansion of consciousness in order to make other things possible. What those other things will be I do not know, but Divinity is well aware of my intentions and will honour them in one way or another. That is free will in action.
What are my intentions? They are presently two fold. One is to usher the ruling elite out of power and create an environment of truth and support for each human being to make a fully informed choice about Ascension. The other is to pioneer the physical and spiritual changes necessary in order to Ascend; things like expanding consciousness and physical rejuvenation. The inputs of last night were no doubt related, but what and how is well beyond my limited capabilities.
Freedom for humanity…


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