In Time

I am a fan of metaphors for our current world situation where a small number of self-interested people control the direction of humanity and manage world affairs. These metaphors give me a breadth of thinking and ideas about how humanity can take back their power and replace these self-interested rulers with people and systems targeting the greater good. It is also good entertainment.
A new movie called In Time is another of these metaphors. The premise is that people stop aging at age twenty five but have a clock imbedded in them that counts down their last year. Time is the currency of this world and people earn time and spend time. Just one hitch, if your clock runs out of time, you die. The rich have found ways to exploit the poor and live in gated communities with huge amounts of banked time, stolen or extorted from the masses. The poor live in ghetto communities where no one has much currency (time) and death is a frequent visitor.
The metaphor of the ruling elite and the gap between the rich and the poor is of course of interest, but I was more interested in the movie’s depiction of a world without aging. The concept of rejuvenation has made it to the silver screen. They do not call it rejuvenation but that is what it is. No one ages past a certain age. The age chosen in the movie was twenty five and on the way home, I passed two people talking about the ideal age. In their view it was twenty nine. My choice will be early thirties, but you get the idea. In rejuvenation we each get to choose the age past which we do not age and most will choose something within a few years of thirty. That is when the body is at its physical peak.
Many people died in this movie but no one aged and there were no old people in any of the scenes. That is consistent with my understanding of rejuvenation. It is not just the act of returning to a chosen age for those of us who have lived beyond it, rejuvenation is an ongoing process of remaining at that chosen age for as long as one chooses. The same goes for younger people. They continue to age until they reach their chosen age and then aging is no more. This was accurately portrayed.
In the movie, time is currency. This is counter to my understanding. In the Ascended world and even in the scenario of bringing rejuvenation into the third dimension, time will never be a currency. Rejuvenation is a gift, like life itself. Aging is an artificial construct forced upon us by the ruling elite and by duality. Duality brings many artificial constructs into being and one of these is aging. In oneness, aging has no purpose and disappears, replaced by rejuvenation.
Another approach to this is to say that self-interested people cannot experience rejuvenation. It is simply not available to them. Don’t know why or how, but that is how this universe works. We each have free will and we can use that free will to take away the free will of others. If that is our choice, some of the higher levels of consciousness are blocked for us and we are stuck in the lower levels. In the lower levels, things like rejuvenation do not exist.
It is my understanding that the third dimension is advanced enough to support rejuvenation and before the Fall, rejuvenation was a part of life. As self interested people took control and as support for self-interest grew, humanity lost the ability to rejuvenate. Perhaps it was as simple as the ruling elite knowing they could not rejuvenate and enforcing this on the rest of humanity. The self-interested ruling elite have to age because of their life style choices, so they created systems that forced aging on everyone else. How else could they gain control since who would choose aging over rejuvenation? So they prevented rejuvenation and put everyone in the same boat. Perhaps higher powers intervened and took the gift of rejuvenation away from humanity so it would not fall into the hands of the ruling elite.
In any event, rejuvenation is not currently part of third dimensional earth and part of my intention is to pioneer this process within my third dimensional experience and help others do the same. All as part of taking back our power. All as part of ousting the ruling elite. All as part of preparations for ascending into a higher dimension.
Freedom for humanity…


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