An Ascension Summary – Post 11-11-11

There is general agreement that something is going to happen at the winter solstice of 2012, but wide divergences in terms of what that might be and how it relates to Ascension or even what Ascension may be.
My definition of Ascension is a process whereby the earth and part or all of humanity shifts into a higher dimension, known as the fifth dimension, where life will be very different from what we experience today and where human capabilities are greatly expanded from those presently enjoyed by the great majority of humanity.
I spent over six months wandering in the mind space of accepting that nothing may happen on the winter solstice of 2012 and that Ascension may be several years or even decades in the future. That changes nothing in terms of my mission or how I approach each day. Then some new information came my way and I realized that I was ready for nothing to happen but not prepared for something to happen; for Ascension to come in accordance with a predestined plan. As such I was not serving humanity as intended or fully living my mission.
A profound shift took place on October 28, 2011 and it affected me greatly. That date marked the end of the era of duality, the end of us and them, of darkness and light, of war and peace, of rich and poor, of freedom and slavery, of young and old, and so many other manifestations of duality too numerous to mention. Another way to look at this shift is that it marked the end of the outbreath of Source and the beginning of the inbreath as all of creation is being gathered together again and we all return to Source in preparation for another cycle. The outbeath was billions of years and I do not know the duration of the inbreath.
The outbreath was planned and scheduled and certain events were predestined. The end of duality was one such event. It was predestined to happen on October 28, 2011 and so it did. Nothing and no one could prevent it. Free will was honoured and there were many ways we could have crossed this threshold, but the threshold itself was predestined.
As it turns out, duality remains very much a part of our shared reality here on earth and systems supporting duality continue to create more. This was recognized as a possibility and a transition period was built into the overall plan. That transition period lasts for a little over four hundred days and takes us to the next major predestined event here on earth at the winter solstice of 2012. That predestined event is the expansion of human consciousness and earth moving into the fifth dimension. This is the Ascension event.
How humanity arrives at Ascension is still being written. A substantial portion of humanity has already chosen Ascension and more are making this choice each day. This choice is made in the heart and is often below the conscious awareness of the people making it. The choice itself is a matter of service to others instead of service to self.
I carry two intentions into this transitional period. One is to take back humanity’s power from the self interested ruling elite and restore individual sovereignty as humanity’s guiding principle. The other is to pioneer the processes necessary for human beings to Ascend.
At one time I targeted to bring rejuvenation into the third dimension. This may or may not happen depending on humanity’s progress in terms of transcending duality since rejuvenation is incompatible with duality. Rejuvenation is very much a part of Ascension but can occur either before or after the Ascension event. We shall see.
Freedom for humanity…


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