Sovereignty on Earth

I keep getting that individual sovereignty is a key element of Ascension and that one of my contributions to humanity and to humanity’s Ascension is to be sovereign and to make sovereignty understandable to others.
I consider myself sovereign, fully sovereign. What are my markers? How do I make that determination? Boiled right down to essentials, it means two things. First, I make all my own choices. Second, I make no one else’s choices for them. True sovereignty cannot be achieved without both being in place. Why do I think the second part is equally as important as the first? One does not have to look far in today’s world to see examples of people who consider themselves sovereign and yet as a way of life, violate the sovereignty of others. The ruling elite do this in all they do; it is a natural consequence of targeting self interest at the expense of the greater good. In duality, it makes sense since there are winners and losers and who wants to be a loser?
In duality, sovereignty is a complex issue and the ruling elite have fostered this complexity using case law as their principle weapon in creating law and court systems that award sovereignty to very few. I listened to an interview given by one man who claims to have invested over thirty thousand hours in studying sovereignty law and then used what he learned to create personal sovereignty. In other words, he played the ruling elite’s game of sovereignty and won. In duality, that approach has some merit.
In oneness, the sovereignty situation is very simple. Everyone is individually sovereign. Full Stop.
The era of duality is over. It ended on October 28, 2011. We are now transitioning into an era of oneness. Systems supporting duality will soon fall by the wayside and be replaced by systems supporting oneness. One such system is the case law system supporting complex sovereignty debates. It will be replaced by a common law system based on every person having individual sovereignty.
I am an example of someone who has achieved individual sovereignty so let’s look at some elements of this achievement.
I make all my own choices. Economic independence makes this a far simpler matter and I am economically independent. This is not a necessity as I have many friends who have achieved this first aspect of sovereignty, e.g. make all their own choices and yet live without visible financial resources. They do what they choose to do and serve humanity in their own way and somehow they continue to eat and the bills get paid. An extreme example is Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning; his experience of remaining sovereign in a Nazi prison camp where all his liberties where removed.
I make no one else’s choices for them. This was far more difficult for me learn. For many years after reaching the point where I made all (nearly all) my own choices I thought I was better qualified than others and attempted to make choices for other people. I was well intended and targeted their good rather than my own, but the bottom line was that I targeted to make some key choices for others because I felt I was more qualified in some way or another. This was the last major life lesson for me to learn and the learning came in stages. First came the realization that I could not know what was best for another, only they could know this because I had no access to their soul’s objectives in this lifetime. Next came the realization that I could not live my life’s mission without surrendering to Divinity. I simply did not have enough of an overview to guide myself; I needed Divine guidance. Once I came to that realization, I surrendered to Divinity and now make all major choices in accordance with Divine guidance. Surprisingly, this decision has made me sovereign since no one can interfere with my decision making process and the guidance given me always respects the individual sovereignty of others.
Freedom for humanity…


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