Thrive – The Movie

Sometimes on a Tuesday afternoon I go to a movie. It is a bargain on Tuesdays and if there is a movie that calls to me and the universe has not seen fit to get me there any other way, I go myself. I quite enjoy the experience. No current movies called to me on Tuesday so I stayed at home and a friend sent me a link to Foster Gamble’s movie called Thrive. It has called to me and that was my Tuesday movie.
For me it was a reliving of the research I did in 2009 after taking the intention to understand what was happening in the world, to understand what is. I am having the same visceral reaction as I had during that learning process. A combination of anger, fear, dread, and hopelessness. I want to do something and yet nothing presents itself. This morning I did a little more research on Foster Gamble and watched a few minutes of a YouTube video where he is talking about a spraying program in California where he lives. I turned it off after a few minutes because Gamble had that same visceral energy, that same concoction of vitality sapping emotions. That won’t get the job done.
Dwelling in this realm of viscera disconnected from spirit and prana is playing the ruling elite’s game by their rules. They are past masters at the waiting game. If something arouses public opinion the ruling elite goes softly. They know public furor is short lived and once it dies away, they can quietly go back about their business and eventually have their way. They have done this countless times on countless issues and it has generally worked out in their favour. After all, they own the mainstream media so they mould public opinion.
Okay. That is the way it is or rather that is the way it has been. The movie is a well done crash course on the way it is and Gamble’s findings and conclusions mirror my own. One linkage was made that I had not previously made. The reason for the UFO cover-up is that these crafts and the beings on them understand free energy and free energy is the death knell of the house of cards, of the illusion of scarcity concocted by the ruling elite. If free energy comes into our world, the ruling elite’s game is over. In truth, free energy has always been here and technologies to tap into it have been around for a century or so, since the time of Nikola Tesla. The ruling elite has so far managed to keep the lid on all of this, an amazing feat in and of itself, but there are leaks at the seams and their cover story is under more stressors every day.
The last part of the movie is devoted to ideas about what we, the people, can do about the ruling elite’s game plan to continue and in fact escalate their current world rule. I understand the need for this segment, to give hope and dissipate the audience’s visceral reaction to the information they have just received, but this segment misses the boat and deals with incremental, slow change ideas.
Change of this magnitude does not happen in a slow incremental way. Change of this magnitude happens quickly and exponentially. When the house of cards starts to fall, it falls very quickly and there is no way to brace it up or prevent catastrophic failure. Of course, catastrophic failure of an illusion leading to doom is a good thing, a very good thing.
As I explore my visceral reaction to this information, even though it is a reliving rather than new, I come back to the same ‘knowing’ that I had two years ago after I had done the research. The solution rests within us. The solution is within me. The solution is spiritual, not political.
Gone is the visceral concoction of anger, fear, dread and hopelessness and in its place is love, joy and a profound ‘knowing’ that the ruling elite’s dire plans will come to naught; that we the people will implode their house of cards, explode their illusion of scarcity and bring abundance and oneness to our world and to this beleaguered planet.
When and how is not up to me, but I intend to do my part and follow my guidance each and every day in that doing.
Freedom for humanity…


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