A friend is in town moderating a conference and doing a workshop on values. We went for supper and she explained parts of her workshop process, essentially giving participants a lengthy list of values and starting them on their way to narrowing it down to a few that have personal resonance. She explained that her process of narrowing the many down to three had taken her about three months and so she targets to begin a process that each participant can then take on their own to a useful conclusion. The work has impressive end results as those individuals and corporations completing this work and living by the results show exponentially superior results.
I asked her what she had chosen and she told me the three were Freedom, Love and Contribution; explaining the personal significance of each one as she talked and including parts of her own individual process. We went on to talk about other things and I was left considering what were my personal top three?
I woke in the wee hours with my answer and the realization that somewhere in my business career, I had been exposed to the same or very similar processes. I got up to meditate and do an inner examination of the process I had followed to name my three top values which for the past several years have informed all that I do. Here is what I found.
The first of the three to come to me and stick was Integrity. Early in the process and even before embarking on identifying my top values, I realized that integrity was vital in all that I did. In the early years I was targeting to be a leader and rise to the top of whatever I chose to do and I could see no way to do this except by having and being seen to have integrity. A few years later I targeted to be authentic, to be who I really am at the level of my soul and integrity fit like a glove on the hand of authenticity. Perhaps this has morphed into one and the same for me over the past decade and a half but I continue to call it Integrity.
Freedom was the next value that came knocking. Compared to integrity, freedom was far more complex. What did freedom mean? How could I be free? Was I free and if not what shifts needed to be made? The rough cut of this showed there was much work to be done and when I dedicated time and resources to my spiritual development in 2004, freedom soon became a prime motivator. I hired a life coach in 2005 and we worked together for a year or more targeting to understand freedom and apply those understandings to my life. Freedom remained a mainstay during my meditation retreats in 2006 and 2007and I found many layers of complexity in terms of my own personal freedom.
When I learned that humanity was not free due to subjugation and exploitation by the ruling elite, I better understood the choosing of freedom as one of my highest values. Part of my mission is to free humanity and end the reign of the ruling elite and I could not expect success in this undertaking without being individually free. I targeted freedom in every aspect of my life and made major changes in 2008 in order to live as a paragon of freedom. As such I am qualified to do my part in terms of ousting the ruling elite and bringing freedom to the collective we know as humanity. Freedom for humanity…sound familiar? LOL
The last of my big three values did not come until I began to attend meditation retreats in 2006 and was not even a part of the rough cut I did over a decade before when I began the process. That value is service. All of life is somehow empty unless I am providing service and that was clear when I meditated. At first I resisted this clarity but it would not go away and so service became part of my triumvirate of values.
I live a life of surrender to Divinity and my decision making process flows naturally from the Divine guidance that I seek out on all decisions. My values seem to inform my guidance in ways I do not understand and it seems all that I do is consistent with these values.
Integrity, Freedom, Service.
Freedom for humanity…


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