Giving Advice

In the recent past, I have experienced two incidences of giving advice on the same kind of problem and having my advice heavily resisted. When something happens I pay attention and when similar things happen twice I go on high alert. What have I to learn in this type of situation?
First let me look at the quality of advice I am giving. My advised approach is based on my own experience. It is an approach I have used repeatedly and has consistently generated greater good results. Ergo, the advice is sound and so are the principles upon which the advice is based.
What about the skills and capabilities required to follow this advice? This is an active variable and I can see holes here. We are all unique and uniquely qualified. What about the willingness to follow this advice? We all have different values and hold different things dear. In both cases, the resistance to my advice originated in the perception that my advice was like drawing a line in the sand and creating ‘my way or the highway’ conditions. I do not share this viewpoint as all I withhold is my own participation, but I can see the point that is being made. In fact I can see that shifts in my values would make my approach very unappealing.
I do not want to be in the position of even giving advice and yet on both these occasions, I have fallen into that pattern. What is the motivation? It is an area of personal expertise as I worked long and hard at developing an approach that works in these difficult situations and my approach had not been followed by those coming to me for advice; ergo my simple approach of sharing my experience and expecting the other to adopt it or at least try it.
Back to first principles. In all situations, I intend the other’s good and the greater good. In all situations I honour the personal sovereignty of those with whom I interact. In all situations, I honour the free will of those with whom I interact; including situations where they choose to make what I consider to be mistakes. I am very clear that each person gets to make their own choices and fully support this principle.
Did I follow these principles? Yes, I intended the greater good; yes, I honoured their personal sovereignty; no, I did not honour their free will. I expected them to take my ‘good’ advice and invested emotional energy in this expectation. It could be argued that I did not appear to be willing to allow the other person to make their own choice in this situation.
What might work better? A dialogue about the principles involved would serve everyone. A situation keeps coming to mind where I was able to positively influence another by stating the principles in terms of what works and what does not work; and I get to watch him put those principles to work within his life. Writing this brings up several other situations that successfully followed this pattern.
Let’s rewind and re-run these recent situations using that approach. Yes, that works a lot better. We talk about the principles involved. We both see what works and what does not work. We explore my approach based on principles that work and the success it has generated. They offer some of their own thoughts about what might work in their situation. We each get a firmer grasp on the principles involved. They end up well prepared to handle the situation in the future and I end up honouring both their sovereignty and their free will. The greater good is served.
I intend to use this principle based system of dialogue in any future situation where I am asked for or otherwise tempted to give advice.
Freedom for humanity…


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