The Ruling Elite and Prairie Farms

Several times today I have been given the sensation of soreness in my throat chakra. The sensation comes and goes and has various other markers of a signal. It seems to be saying that I am to speak my truth on some matter. Let’s try writing about my truth and see what happens.
The issue is the ruling elite and the control they have over world affairs. The specific issue is farmers and food supplies.
The ruling elite have a planning group that decides overall policy. These planners have a lifetime job and very high standing within the ruling elite’s hierarchy and what they target becomes a coordinated initiative. The ruling elite control the banks, most debt, interest rates, commodity prices and key industries in sectors of interest to them.
There is plenty of evidence that sometime within my lifetime, the ruling elite targeted control of the world’s food supply and the way farmers operate. I grew up on a farm in the Canadian prairies and as a boy in the fifties; there were farm yards and families all over the place. The struggles to farm profitably had already begun and many farm children were targeting life and careers outside of farming. My parents did not own land, so farming was not really an option for me, but we lived on the farm owned by my grandparents and eventually inherited by their youngest son, my uncle about seven or eight years my senior. When I was in grade school, he was already targeting to take over the farm and since no one else wanted it, there was general support for these efforts. I did my share of farm work in my youth and realized I did not like this work and wanted some other way of earning my living.
In the late sixties and early seventies, I began to hear stories about farmers going into debt to buy up land and equipment as small scale farming was no longer profitable. My grandfather’s farm was around half a section or perhaps 400 acres and farms this size were being sold all the time as people grew tired of the struggle and saw the next generation chose other pursuits.
Over the course of fifteen or twenty years, farming in Saskatchewan transformed from a way of life into a business venture. The same was true throughout the Canadian prairies and also in the American mid-west. Throughout this transition, grain prices were low, so margins were thin. It became tougher and tougher to earn a good living as a farmer. Then came the rising interest rates of the seventies and the eighties. Marginal operations went bankrupt and large tracts of land once owned by individuals became bank property.
Now let’s step into the shoes of the ruling elite and imagine our target is control of the world’s food supply and the way farmers operate. We control grain prices so we fix them artificially low. This is good for the corporations we own since their raw material costs are low. We control the banks so we make capital readily available and help the big farmers buy up the little guys and go into debt while so doing. Kills two birds with one stone as fewer people are farming and those that do are in debt. We continue to fix grain prices low so margins are thin and those who borrow stay in debt. When this phase has run its course, we lower the boom by raising interest rates. A few big farmers survive, but many go bankrupt or sell out at fire sale prices as the combination of low grain prices and high cost of servicing their debt becomes unsustainable.
Now we move in with our agri-businesses and take control of the way farms operate. Big equipment purchased from corporations we own, fertilizer, pest control chemicals, and seed grain all purchased from corporations we own. Big farms, many owned by corporations, therefore few people on the farms which means no voice in politics. Well done ruling elite. Well done.
It seems I am to write about all this so people can see what has happened and what is happening. Fortunately all of this is ending and ending soon as the ruling elite is soon to be ushered from power and abundance becomes our way of life.
Freedom for humanity…

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