Principles of Oneness

The era of duality ended nearly a month ago and we are entering into an era of oneness. In highly evolved societies, this transition will go unnoticed since they already thrive using the principles of oneness. Humanity has been deeply imbued in duality and is presently transitioning from duality into oneness. What does that mean? What are the principles that govern in oneness? Three come to mind:
1. Abundance for all.
2. Everyone is individually sovereign.
3. Our life purpose is to serve the greater good.
Abundance for all.
Everyone has a birthright of abundance. All of our survival needs are provided by the universe. Technologies exist to achieve abundance for all but because of duality and the resulting competition; these technologies have been repressed and kept from humanity. With abundance for all, no one has to work for a living and we can each choose what we want to do.
Everyone is individually sovereign.
Each of us is sovereign, e.g. each of us is accountable only to Source. This means we are not accountable to anyone other than Source and we can hold no one accountable. We can coach and mentor and provide all kinds of guidance; we can even intercede in the event someone is denying sovereignty to another, but always we must honour individual sovereignty.
Our life purpose is to serve the greater good.
We may be born with any number of additional purposes, to learn this and learn that; but all of this is carried within our central purpose and without fail, our central purpose is to serve the greater good. We each have unique gifts in order to do this. In oneness, those gifts form the central theme of our life as we make our unique contributions to humanity and to the world in which we were born. Part of this purpose for each of us is to be stewards of the planet and live in sustainable ways as our gift to future generations.
The world in which we have lived violates each of these principles as a matter of course. The transformation that is already underway will see each of these principles come to the forefront along with the destruction or collapse of systems designed to perpetrate duality and exploit one segment of society in favour of another. If it does not serve the greater good and create a sustainable ecosystem, it will soon be gone.
Let’s look at some of the systems in place and see how they stack up against these three oneness principles:
Abundance for all.
The banking systems are specifically designed to reward the rich and punish the poor. Interest on debt is the principle offender as the rich find ways to create debt slavery for the rest of humanity. Another big offender is ‘Big Oil’ who have repressed free energy to continue their exploitation of the planet for personal gain.
Everyone is individually sovereign.
Case law governs in most human jurisdictions and case law has its roots in the Divine Right of Kings. In this artificial construct, only kings had sovereignty; their subjects do not. I have written entire blogs on this subject, most recently one called Sovereignty on Earth on November 15.
Our life purpose is to serve the greater good.
Everything the ruling elite do targets their good at the expense of the rest of humanity.
All of that is about to change as the ruling elite is ushered out of power.
Freedom for humanity…

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