Serving the Greater Good

Yesterday, I identified the three pillars of oneness, the three markers that are a natural consequence of a collective reality that sees and understands that we are all one. Those three markers are abundance for all, individual sovereignty, and serving the greater good. Humanity is moving from duality to oneness and these are the three markers that guide us toward oneness and keep us off the shoals of duality.
As I look back over my personal journey, I can see threads of each of these markers being weaved into the fabric of my life. In the nineties I targeted to think abundantly and to transcend the scarcity thinking that had imbued my childhood and remained a deeply embedded aspect of my psyche. I worked myself through A Course in Miracles over a period of about a year and a half and in that process; a shift took place within me. I no longer lived in scarcity or feared scarcity. I could see scarcity for the illusion it had always been and the material aspects of my world were no longer of much importance. I had abundance in my thoughts and in my inner world and that abundance was manifest as I lived my life.
Individual sovereignty came in bits and pieces. Freedom called out to me in the mid 2000’s and I began to see that I was not free, nor did I extend freedom to those around me. A Life Coach came into my life and together we worked toward understanding freedom and bringing freedom into my life. This was another year and a half process. Once I understood freedom, I began to put pieces in place and eventually made major changes in my life that freed me to concentrate on my life’s mission. Individual sovereignty then came knocking and added a richness and texture to freedom, along with some structure that helps make freedom understandable within a human context. I cannot be sovereign until I grant sovereignty to everyone around me.
Serving the greater good was the last of the three markers of oneness to present itself to me. 2006 and 2007 were sprinkled with ten day meditation retreats, five in total along with many weekend meditation retreats thrown in. Whenever I meditated for long enough to get past the noise and monkey chatter of my ‘story’, I would find this still, quiet place within; a place of oneness, a place of love and abundance, a place of peace that transcended all things. In that place, it was clear that serving the greater good was all that was truly important and in that place it was clear that serving the greater good was the only way to truly serve myself.
Serving the greater good also came in stages. The first stage was as surrender to Divinity. In my first ten day meditation retreat, I was faced with the knowing that I could not live my life’s mission without surrendering to Divinity, without giving over the primary decision making authority to the Divinity that rested within me. Up until then, I had reserved final authority for decision making for what I now call my small self, what many call their ego self. Shifting authority to my Divine self seemed a great loss and my ego mind invented many obstacles along the way but over a period of eight or nine months I transcended each obstacle and began living my life in accordance with my inner guidance.
Living in this way is serving the greater good since that inner guidance originates in Divinity and is always connected to the greater good. My short cut to this guidance became the question, ’What would serve the greater good?’ and that became my way of accessing the small still voice of Divinity found deep within.
Living in this way has been incredibly rewarding and I can see progress on my life’s mission. Am I on the path to living the life I was born to live? Without question. Could I have done so without targeting to serve the greater good? No, I could not. Serving the greater good was the only way.
Freedom for humanity…

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