Pillars of Light

In the spring of 2010, I volunteered to do whatever was given me to do in terms of pioneering Ascension energies and in terms of bringing truth and freedom into the third dimension in which we now live. My research had informed me of a small group of people, the ruling elite, who have managed to create an illusion of scarcity and fear and have used that illusion to exploit humanity and the resources of the world in which we live. Bringing truth and freedom into the third dimension will transcend the ruling elite’s illusion and end their world dominance.
In my small mind, it seemed likely I would be placed in conflict with the ruling elite as our objectives are diametrically opposed; however, the result of following my guidance has resulted primarily in an activity I call ‘holding space’ for truth and for freedom for humanity. This activity has had two branches; one is to interact with like minded people and empower them to continue and expand their work, the other is to hold the space. Holding the space is a natural skill for me but is difficult to put into words. Essentially I maintain the feeling of truth and freedom and live my life within that feeling. Sometimes this takes no effort at all and other times it is very hard work indeed as other forces impinge upon this way of being and make subtle or overt attempts to shift it. In extreme cases, I meditate, going deep within where these outside forces cannot follow and where the space is well connected to Source and truth and freedom are unassailable. Most times are somewhere in between and I just hold the space as a matter of course, as what I do and as my service to humanity.
In a recent conversation with a friend, this same or similar activity is called ‘anchoring the Light’. Same sort of thing; taking what we want and what will serve all of humanity that is not yet manifest and creating an energetic space in which it exists in the world within us; making it stronger and stronger until it eventually appears in the physical world.
I knew I was to write about this today and the universe sent me a missing piece of the puzzle this morning. It comes from the channelled material of Blossom Goodchild who channels conversations with helping extraterrestrials (ETs), part of the Galactic Federation of Light. They had been predicting ‘pillars of light’ to be manifest on earth prior to the end of this year and recently recanted, saying this was delayed. I read with interest the explanation of this delay and will put it into my own words.
Many humans have come into this lifetime targeting to be a pillar of light, targeting to anchor information and light that will appear to others as a pillar of light, and will bring truth and freedom and all kinds of joyful experience to that person and to all of humanity. A certain critical mass of humanity must be in a position to do this for it to happen and the beings Blossom was channelling predicted this would happen before the end of 2011. Things have progressed more slowly than expected and critical mass has not yet been achieved, nor does it look probable that it will happen before year end only five weeks away. Too bad, so sad.
What I call ‘holding space’ and my friend calls ‘anchoring the light’ is called ‘pillars of light’ by these helping extraterrestrials. They are very clear that they are here to help but that humanity is the controlling factor. The ET’s can support and hold our hand and do any number of helping activities but only a human can be a pillar of light and only a collective of like minded humans can form the critical mass necessary for these pillars of light to appear. No one person acting alone can achieve this as the light would then be feared and destroyed, but a collective of pillars appearing in unison will provide a calming force for the rest of humanity and become a beacon of light leading all of humanity toward beautiful and beneficial change. These pillars of light are part of the changes to come and will usher in Ascension for those choosing to move into a higher dimension and beautiful and beneficial change for those choosing to stay in the third dimension.
When I volunteered to do whatever was given me to do, this is it. I am part of the critical mass that will appear as pillars of light. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Freedom for humanity…

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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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