The Ruling Elite’s Shoes

If you had unlimited financial resources (control of the world’s money supply) and the objective of ruling the world what would you do? Let us further suppose you are not working alone but have a hundred or so families that have been working together toward this objective for the last three centuries or so. One further caveat: You consider yourself superior to the rest of humanity. A ruling class or perhaps even a genetically superior species, so what happens to the lower class is of no concern. They are pawns on your chess board; to be maneuvered and sacrificed if that would serve the cause. Women are part of this underclass, although necessary to propagate your superior species.
A high priority would be a coordinated effort since if we begin infighting or target diverging strategies, we are bound to fail. The best way to do this is to have a small planning group that adheres to our objective and plans strategies to achieve it. This group would be five to seven people that we would choose and they would come from our inner circle of families. Once appointed, they would remain in this capacity for life, for continuity and because complex work like this benefits from experience.
Another high priority would be secrecy. All the important people within the inner circle would have diplomatic immunity so they can move about at will and not have to answer to various law enforcement agencies. They would be above the law. Not just the planners, but also the owners of the various institutes that support the objective and are the prime movers in terms of implementing what the planners deem appropriate.
Now let’s look at the interface with humanity, with the masses. A high priority would be to own and control the media. In this way we can promote what serves us and repress information damaging to our objective. We can also trumpet our cover stories and prevent investigative stories from reaching the people. In short, we can manipulate public opinion and mould it to suit our purposes.
An equally high priority would be to control politicians and world leaders. In third world countries we do this with debt. We lend money to cooperative leaders, that is poorly spent and creates debt and then impose our will on the leader or his successors through the world banking systems. We also control the foreign policy of the most powerful countries and use this control to enforce our interests. In first world countries we control the political process with campaign funding and using our media control to keep out independents and those who refuse to play our game. We are completely without scruples in what we do, so if a ‘bad apple’ bobs up somewhere we offer to buy their cooperation and if that fails, use whatever means are necessary to eliminate them using our dirty tricks squad and our media control to cover up our actions or blame someone else.
We create scarcity in all we do as without scarcity we have no control. Abundance technologies are purchased and patented so others cannot use them. If they are ‘not for sale’ we use whatever dirty tricks are necessary and usually we are dealing with unsupported entrepreneurs so it is like stealing candy from a baby. We also create an official position that we are alone in the universe to prevent the abundance technologies of other civilizations from reaching humanity. We take full advantage of the cosmic law that visitors have to be invited in order to help. Our control insures they are not invited.
We learn all we can, and have technology available only to us.
Suppose that was the world in which you lived? What would you do? That is up to you. My choice is to take back my power and use it to bring abundance thinking and abundance technologies to humanity. That is the weak link in the ruling elite’s chain of control and when it breaks, their entire illusion will come crashing down, imploding like a house of cards.
Join with the Lightworkers as we bring abundance and truth to all of humanity…
Freedom for humanity…


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Serving Humanity with information about the Divine process of Ascension.
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