Leadership in Oneness

I have been writing a blog for nearly two years (December 9, 2009) and it has been a wonderful tool for learning and for spiritual growth. After a brief and unsatisfactory experiment with describing my personal progress about six years ago, I have settled into an intention to make no claims about my spiritual progress or its status. This works beautifully and keeps my ego where it belongs, serving me rather than the other way around.
Have I made progress in these last six years? Definitely. Do I expect to continue to make progress in the coming months and years? Without question, and the blog has been a wonderful tool for continuing progress. Other tools that work for me and are frequently used are meditating, walking, setting intentions and writing.
At this time last year I was well into a six month stint of following the lead of someone claiming to be bringing forth aspects of Ascension that seemed very appealing. This was another of a series of unsatisfactory experiences where I gave away my power and took a detour from the self directed path I have consistently been guided to take. I have wonderful tools for a self directed path aimed at my own inner truth. This can be coordinated with others and support others but my truth must remain paramount for my path or detours result as I have not yet found a leader who is willing to advocate the self directed impulses of another that are different from their own.
The learning of this latest stint of following another resulted in the intention to be such a leader in my own right; a leader who empowers others and encourages others to make their own unique contributions in their own unique way. A leader who believes we are all equal in the eyes of our Creator and we are each uniquely qualified to make the contributions only we can make.
How have I done with this intention? In general terms, I have done quite well and could name a number of people who have benefited and made progress along their own spiritual path helped in part by my inputs and my example of self directed leadership.
In the duality model of leadership, there are leaders and there are followers and one measure of a leader’s effectiveness is how many followers they have. In the oneness model of leadership, the equation is quite different. In oneness we are all targeting the same state, a state of oneness where the highest levels of all aspects of existence are shared by all. In this model of leadership, we each contribute in our own unique way and we each provide leadership by gifting those aspects of progress and leadership to others since this contributes to the evolving whole. That about sums up my experience of leadership targeting oneness.
People come and ask for my help. I listen and ask questions and remind them of their own inner power. I encourage them to go within and find their own answers to what is troubling them. I encourage them to trust in the universe’s willingness and magnificence and to take what seem like risks in the pursuit of their own unique path to spiritual evolution. I remind them of their own innate power and of the glorious potential entrusted to them as part of their human experience. I then stand aside and hold space and allow them to make their own choices about the path they will take. If they choose the inner directed path, I hold space for its success; I hold space for that path to advance them along their own unique path to evolving into their full potential.
I have no followers. I have many people who continue to make progress helped in part by our interactions.
Freedom for humanity…


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