Updating Auras

Yesterday was family day hosted on this occasion by my daughter, Tamara, in her home where I live. It was a reality check for me as I joined into a conversation with my three daughters and my youngest sister. Three of them entered into a conversation about flu shots, based on the status quo opinion that these shots have the objective of protecting humanity and are based on a beneficial scientific platform. After listening a bit, I excused myself saying I either had to leave or give my dissenting view. They offered to drop the conversation. Tamara commended me for not jumping in with my well known opinions and I stayed and enjoyed talking about other matters not directly linked to our differing views of the world.
I awoke this morning in a funk and even an hour or so of meditating did not clear it entirely. Something deep seated was going on and I intended to understand what that might be. I was guided to a blog entry I made in January called Depression and noted how appropriate it was for my present state of mind.
What is at the root of the funk I find myself in? No mystery there. The era of duality ended a little over a month ago and a part of me expects gigantic and beneficial shifts as humanity moves from duality into oneness. The ruling elite are all about duality and are naturally resisting these shifts despite having no support energetically or in terms of supporting civilizations from within the cosmos. In cosmic time, shifting from duality to oneness is inevitable and bound to happen soon; but in human time, this is all taking time and we continue to create duality in so many forms. Yes, there is a growing percentage of humanity that has awakened and is campaigning for change, but the vast majority continue to slumber and even those with access to oneness information often choose to buy into the duality messages of fear and scarcity that bombard us from so many sources.
My writing in January listed two primary sources of depression. One is ignoring or overriding our inner guidance and thus living a life far removed from the purpose we came to live. The other is completing our soul’s mission and having nothing more to live for. A third source seems the current cause of my present day funk. It is the perception that something is preventing conditions from occurring where my life purpose can be lived. A part of me cries out that this is an illusion and that nothing can block the inner workings of my purpose. Absolutely true and so I return to the premise of only two sources.
Let’s explore the possibility that I have completed my soul’s mission. The aura is static and continues to attract the lessons for which it was designed and for millennia, once a human has completed what their aura is designed to do, there is a strong incentive to return to the bardo, through death, to recast their aura. The earlier blog talked about a remedy for this condition. Essentially it is a skill that updates our aura while we live and I have a friend living in Calgary with this skill. I went to her in the spring of 2009 and she recast my aura which was instrumental in supporting the work I have done over the last two and a half years. I began writing the blog about six months later and have been on a steep learning curve for the two years I have been writing the blog.
It seems possible, in fact likely that I am due for another update of my aura. Yes, there came a confirming ‘truth jolt’, a physical signal from my guides telling me this statement is ultimate truth.
My friend’s name is Melonie Old and it seems time to renew our friendship and perhaps get another auric update in preparation for completing the mission I came to live.
Freedom for humanity…


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