The Tipping Point

I want to be the best I can be…
Okay, what does that mean? Since the end of the era of duality in late October a few weeks ago, I have been focusing on a desire to be a part of the coming turnaround within humanity as we move from duality into oneness. This will be manifest in a broad spectrum of ways, some of which I can predict and others that will be foreign to my experience. Again, I feel my focus sliding into being a part of this shift and contributing in some way within the third dimension, within humanity’s shared reality.
It feels like that is not to be my role. My role is to be a mystic and dwell primarily in the inner world within me. The shifts are being driven by consciousness and by the energetic inputs that have been coming to earth and to humanity over the past several years and will continue to escalate until the ascension event in a little over a year’s time and beyond.
The pioneers of the shift into oneness will not deal in the material world or be invested in the myriad of institutions that support duality. That is not to say a pioneer cannot work within such an institution, but they will have to be willing to leave duality thinking behind and that is much more difficult when it is all around you.
We are nearing a tipping point as more and more consciousness is added to the oneness side of a great energetic lever upon which all of humanity is balanced. Duality has been supported energetically and by the ruling elite’s illusion propped up by the controlled media and the various institutions of duality. That support has been enough to prevent the tipping point from being reached. This situation is more and more precarious and sometime soon, we will see and experience the moment of tipping when the collective reality tips into oneness. My role is to get as far out on the lever as I can manage; to get as far away from the tipping fulcrum as is possible for me. Tipping is not about focusing on all that ails the world or tinkering with what supports duality, tipping is about applying maximum force in the form of oneness to the end of the lever lifting duality out of its entrenched position.
When the tipping point is reached the world as we know it will shift very rapidly. The ruling elite and their henchmen will be shuffled aside and supporters of oneness will hold center stage. We have seen similar changes within my lifetime. The fall of the Berlin Wall was a dramatic example. Within a week or two, what had appeared to be a solid and sustainable blockage against freedom was breached and soon entirely destroyed. The implosion of the Soviet Union is another example, as was the ending of apartheid in South Africa. When the tipping point is reached, these changes take place at a pace we cannot imagine while the old restrictive system is in place.
We are fast approaching a tipping point that will dwarf those I mentioned. This one will be worldwide in scope and affect all of humanity. This one will be a part of each one of us as it resides in consciousness. When this tipping point is reached the game as played by the ruling elite will no longer be playable. The ruling elite are skilled at winning the negotiations and have done this repeatedly at various peace talks over the past century or more. There is no danger of that happening after the tipping point is reached since everything they stand for is on the losing side. Nothing they espouse will be on the table or up for discussion since humanity will be moving into oneness; and oneness is the antithesis of duality.
My role is to live in oneness and hold the space of oneness in my inner world and also in my day to day life. I am free of outside commitments and I am able to do this having already made major changes and largely eliminated duality from my life.
Freedom for humanity…


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