Improving a Relationship

On December 16, nearly a year ago, my blog was called A Strained Relationship. It was about my relationship with my son and in it, I took the intention of improving that relationship. Almost immediately the relationship improved. Why? Because I changed and so the relationship was bound to change; proving once again the wisdom I learned in A Course of Miracles summed up by these words: Only that which you are not giving can be missing from any relationship. I was not giving the same things as I was not receiving. Things like unconditional love, respect and openness.
Although the relationship improved it was not yet the kind of relationship I desire with all of my children and I went inward to see if there was more I could do. What I got back was, ‘Let it be. You cannot force this to be better and you cannot teach your son at this time. Let time and your son’s experience teach him; and soon enough he will be ready.’ Every so often I would check in with my inner wisdom and get the same answer. That changed recently and I took the intention of asking my son to go for coffee with me. Twice while we were in dispute eighteen months ago, he had refused a similar request; but this time he accepted and we met for coffee last evening. It was time.
We have little in common these days. He has a high paying job with an oil company, one of my least favourite industry sectors, and has no spiritual inclinations at this time. He understands my views, but believes I am mistaken and buys into the status quo way of thinking. His adjective for me is that I am ‘different.’ We used to connect through sports but my interest has waned and his focus on American football is something I don’t share at all.
I wanted a serious conversation but about what? The issue that caused strain in our relationship continues but is essentially resolved in a way he did not favour and talking about it had been definitely off limits. Talking about our differing but largely set views of world affairs and spirituality did not have much appeal, so what to talk about? I offered to tell him my story of how I came to be spiritually oriented and he agreed. His body language began to deteriorate and on the third or fourth time I asked, ‘Is this working for you?’ he said, ‘It feels like you are trying to convince me.’ I have a long history of trying to convince people, especially my children. That was not my intention, nor is it my current modus operandi; but I sympathized and stopped my story.
He stepped into the breach and began to explain the learning he had taken from the issue that caused the strain and how he was now okay with the situation. This was the learning that my inner wisdom was keying on and had to be waited out before this meeting could successfully happen. We then found we had common ground about a current family issue and talked about how we felt and what if anything we could do about it. Nothing was resolved but we bonded and shared at a level that had not happened in many years.
He drove me home and on the way we talked sports. It was like old times. When I got home, I was wired in part from the success of the meeting and in part because of an energetic episode that was triggered. I stayed up late as the energy worked its way through me and slept very fitfully as the episode was the strongest I have ever experienced and lasted five or six hours. Vestiges remain as I write this.
I am thankful for the blessings of the meeting and for the wisdom and guidance that made it possible. I am also thankful for the energetic episode and the progress it is making toward fulfilling my life purpose as I pioneer ascension processes and free humanity so each person can make informed choices about ascension.
Freedom for humanity…


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