Following my Nose

I went for an aura upgrade on Thursday. Melonie lives on the south side and I live in the northwest so I hitched a ride with Tamara downtown as she went to work and caught the train to get to the south. Then I walked the two miles or so to Melonie’s which is roughly at 106 south and 24 west. After the session I walked to my middle daughter’s veterinary clinic and got a hair cut before she drove me the rest of the way home. Her clinic is at 17 south and 85 west, so that is about 90 blocks north and 60 blocks west, a good three hour walk in unfamiliar territory with two major freeways, fenced to prevent stray crossings, and a water reservoir to be skirted. In preparation, I checked out a map and wrote down the coordinates of my destination and then ‘followed my nose’ after asking my guides to take me the most direct route possible.

Getting around the reservoir was simple enough since an asphalt path is in place and I took shortcuts following trails blazed by cross-country skiers and hikers but was never far from the beaten path. It was very nice and wild and just before I exited I saw a coyote or a wolf. Wolves are rare so I called it a coyote but it looked like a wolf and that is more my totem animal so perhaps it was. It was a thumbs up sign for the aura work, that I know at the deep level where the spirit world communicates. I exited the reservoir at 37 west and followed it straight north to the east-west freeway. My nose was in fine form as this street crosses the freeway and has a side walk included. I took diagonals whenever possible and made my way north and west toward the north-south freeway. I found myself on 51 west heading north with the freeway on my left, fenced with no entrance. I took a couple of detours including one into a park bordering the fence and asked a dog walker for a way across. ‘About 4 or 5 blocks further up is a pedway’ she said. Perfect. My nose was doing its thing to perfection. I took the pedway and continued my way following my nose and taking the diagonals as presented. It was smooth going but all named streets rather than numbers so I just kept the mountains on my left shoulder and kept going, knowing I would hit 17 south or 85 west at some time.

I got to a meeting place of sorts with schools and commercial units and malls and all felt right. I thought I would cut across the school but it looked fenced so I took a detour that began to turn toward the south. My guidance said ‘no’ so I retraced to the school and went north to a major street but the area was new enough with lots of construction and traffic lights but no street signs at the intersection. I chose to continue going north but my nose said this was 17th, so time to go west. There was no sidewalk so I went into a residential area and after a couple of named streets, I came to 15th. It was 17th I had crossed, so I retraced the two block detour and headed west. Soon came a marked street. 73rd. I was only a few blocks from my destination.

This got me thinking. Why was I unable to discern the difference between my noses’s unerring most direct route and the little detours I took in various places. I was on the prefect route to the pedway and let my left brain detour me two or three times, nothing major, just a block toward the freeway and the fence and then forced by fences back to my nose’s route on three different occasions including the one into the park and the dog walker’s confirmation. Again at the school, same thing. My nose was taking me to the intersection and I allowed myself to be detoured past the school and onto a road that headed west and then turned south. When I checked my guidance, it was clearly wrong and I backtracked. Then the intersection that my nose was targeting and I left brained it north rather than trusting my intuition that this was 17th and head west. If I trusted my nose and could follow it unerringly, I would have avoided all these little detours and arrived sooner. But it was all perfect in its own way since I had plenty of time for my haircut and only had to wait for a short time for my daughter to finish work, so everything that was to happen happened and I just spent another half hour or hour walking rather than waiting. I would rather walk than wait so it was all perfect. Makes me think that had I been time pressured, I would have taken my nose’s direct route.

At a deeper level, the walk was a metaphor for the next leg of my journey. When you graduate from earth school, as Melonie says I have done, you get to do a postgraduate service to humanity. It is something not done before so you are pioneering and there are no books or human guides to help you, no one like the dog walker to say, ‘yes, straight ahead is what you are seeking.’ You are on your own in the left brain’s way of thinking and in the company of a host of spiritual mentors in the right brain’s way of thinking. In the left brain’s analytical way, it is an impossible journey through unknown and perhaps hostile territory; a long shot at best. In the right brain’s intuitive way, the journey will arrive at its chosen destination. This is what I was born to do and cannot fail. All I do is follow my intuitive guidance; all I do is take the spiritual equivalent of following my nose through unknown territory. If I have time, I will take a detour or even a few detours, but my spiritual nose knows the direct route and that is more or less the route I will take. Any number of unknown and unseen obstacles may be between me and my pioneered service to humanity, but all will be overcome and the route will be found. Just follow my intuition. Follow my spiritual nose.

My spiritual journey began on that four hour walk immediately after updating my aura and continued last night as I began to find my way. The updated aura has shifted things for me and I am understanding that what I stood for before the aura upgrade may or may not have changed. At the very least I am to honour the soul journey of my fellow travelers and that means I only help those who ask for my help. It also means I am not to free humanity since that is the soul journey of many. I am to free myself and provide my truth to humanity. I am to empower and encourage others on their way to freedom, but I am not to steal their soul journey and I am to let them take their own detours. How else are they to meet the dog walker with vital information?

Part of my journey is to choose the service I am to pioneer. That began in my talk with Melonie immediately after my aura was updated and continues. Last night’s meditation covered some of the difficulties and some of the immediate detours. The most immediate detour is to jump to conclusions about what service I am to provide. I have a month to integrate my updated aura and for now at least, I am leaving this choice unmade and letting the universe inform me as to what service I am to target.

Freedom for humanity…


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