I began a life filled with purpose on that fateful day back in 2004 when I chose to dedicate time and resources to my spiritual development. That purpose went by many names and took many forms but always at its roots was a desire to learn my lessons in this three D earth school called life so I could transform into higher dimensional living through Ascension. Those were the happiest years of my life as I learned lesson after lesson and maintained an attitude of grateful thankfulness as the lessons were integrated into my being.
In a recent feedback loop, I learned this phase of my life was ending because I had graduated from the earth school of life and instead of going to school each day, a new job awaits me. It is too early to say what that job may be and today’s blog is about mourning what is past, a necessary step in any transition.
Something is very clear to me as I mourn what is no more and that something is the importance of purpose. Imbued with the purpose of learning my lessons made living a joy, both at the time and looking back. I was talking with someone the other day and I asked, ‘Do I seem happy to you?’ They thought about this for a moment as it is not a question they had considered and then said, ‘Yes, you do.’ That is my truth as well. These past seven plus years have been filled with happiness as my life had purpose and I was living my purpose. Best of all, this stint of purpose was based on my authentic self and animated by personal integrity. After an initial period of acting as if, I had become a person dedicated to learning my life’s lessons, dedicated to living the life I came to live. Those years were filled with joy because they were founded on purpose.
I have an updated aura as of three days ago and this aura is not based on learning my lessons, this aura is based on serving humanity and pioneering my unique gift to humanity. There is an infinite range of possible gifts, and from somewhere deep within me, my unique gift will germinate and make itself known to me. When that happens, my life will once again have purpose and be filled with the joy that naturally accompanies purpose. Meanwhile, I mourn the loss of purpose that often accompanies graduation and reflect on the importance of purpose in my life and in fact in any life.
One of the possible gifts I am considering is to pioneer rejuvenation into three D earth and I can see the importance of purpose as an adjunct of rejuvenation. Living indefinitely at any age, even the prime of life, would be a curse rather than a blessing in the absence of purpose. Imagine an empty life devoid of purpose stretching out indefinitely, with no end in sight. Many are currently living such a life because they have not connected with their purpose either out of fear or ignorance and it is a life of desperation, often a life filled with mind numbing substances or a life gone astray, easy prey to be exploited in one way or another. That would not be a gift; that would be a curse.
Let’s look at imbuing purpose into lives. How can that be done? I trust my own experience so let’s look at how I did this when my life lacked purpose and let’s look at how that may be done in my present set of circumstances.
That may be the work of another day as today seems more about re-experiencing the emptiness that comes from living without purpose and about understanding the importance of having purpose in my life. If it is important to me, it is important to others and it feels as though the gift of today and the gift of the learning I am doing is to awaken in me the knowing that whatever gift I give to humanity will have to include the gift of purpose.
Freedom for humanity…


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