Divine Purpose

The last few days have been an exploration of purpose. In general terms, I am convinced that purpose makes life worth living and that without purpose, we are better off returning to the bardo to review the life we have lived and establish fresh purpose for our next embodiment.
Purpose has degrees and simply having a purpose is not in itself enough to fuel the human soul and make life a joy to live. A simple example would be a down and out wino. Every day has purpose; finding and consuming alcohol, but it is a shallow purpose serving no one except the demons within. Not until we reach the point of targeting a purpose that serves others rather than a purpose that serves our self does life have meaning that serves the soul. The term I used was deep purpose which comes about by targeting the greater good, by targeting service to others rather than service to self.
Deep purpose makes life a joy to live but it is not the pinnacle of purpose. Another level of purpose exists beyond deep purpose, beyond serving the greater good in all we do. That level connects into our uniqueness and into the Divinity within. We are each created with unique talents and with unique gifts to bring into our life situation. Focusing these unique talents and gifts on serving the greater good comprises our Divine purpose.
It is possible that my unique talent and gift to humanity (my Divine purpose) is rejuvenation; an extended, perhaps eternal, embodiment in the prime of physical life. A life without purpose would be unthinkable under these circumstances, even a life of shallow purpose would be a curse as our soul would be crying out to return to the bardo and create aura shifts to attract deep purpose or Divine purpose into our next embodiment.
The skill of updating auras during an embodiment is now part of human capability. I have twice worked with a pioneer of this skill named Melonie Old and like any skill, once embodied in a human being, it becomes part of the tool kit available to all of humanity. This skill makes an extended life a possibility since we can always update our aura as we outgrow the old one. I have done this twice in the past three years and there appears to be no limitation as to the number of times this can be done or the progress that can be made during one embodiment. The combination of an extended stay in our physical prime through rejuvenation and the capability of updating our aura to attract experience appropriate to our current evolutionary progress makes extended life within a specific embodiment quite attractive. Add in multidimensional capabilities and a passport throughout the universe and we have a life experience of sufficient scope and breadth to justify eternal embodiment. One caveat seems necessary; that being an out clause in the event we grow tired of our current embodiment and want to die, want to return to the bardo to reflect and start anew.
This seems a workable premise and one worthy of reflection and introspection. Perhaps my unique skills and my gift to humanity, my Divine purpose, lie within this scenario? This scenario certainly works within the fifth dimension with its abundance and greater good entry level pass codes. Does it work in the third dimension after the current artificially imposed scarcity has been removed? Many questions remain but linking Divine purpose and rejuvenation seems to be today’s work.
Freedom for humanity…


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