Intending Rejuvenation

It is now a week since my aura was updated and Melonie’s prediction that a lot would happen during the integration is proving valid. My updated aura is attracting information and energies related to the unique service I am to provide to humanity and to the world we live in as my post graduate service; something all graduates of the earth school of life are privileged to do. From my own experience, it seems likely that not all graduates choose to do so and other paths are available but my choice is to serve humanity and deliver my post graduate service.
I rather like humanity, warts and all, and I may well choose to stick around even after these final lessons are completed. I have been a part of humanity for many lifetimes and I have grown quite appreciative of the avatar we call the human body. Even with its limited capabilities that came about as a result of the fall from Grace when humanity fell off the evolutionary path and the survival of the species was thrown into doubt. All that has been reversed over the past twenty five years or so and humanity is back on their evolutionary path, growing toward union with our Creator, as is the plan for all species.
It seems my service to humanity is to contribute to this evolutionary path and reclaim the gift of rejuvenation for all of humanity. Those last few words, for all of humanity, mean a lot. The gift of rejuvenation is not meant just for some elite portion of humanity or for any subset of humanity. It is not meant to be bought and sold, it is meant as part of humanity’s birthright and my intention is to give it freely to all of humanity in ways that cannot be stolen away and hoarded by a few or withheld from the masses. I intend to empower humanity and create individual sovereignty within those who choose the path of rejuvenation.
I intend rejuvenation to be a gift to all who chose it and a weapon to none. This means that rejuvenation will only be available to those with a heartfelt service to others orientation. Rejuvenation will not be available to those targeting self interest for two reasons. First, in the hands of such a person, rejuvenation could be used as a weapon harming others either intentionally or as a consequence of self interested actions. Secondly, rejuvenation would be a curse to such a person as the inherent emptiness of life based on self interest would eat away at them and be experienced more and more as a curse. I have lived a shallow life based on self interest so I know of what I speak. Rejuvenation may well become an incentive to shift toward a greater good approach to life and that serves all of us and also serves humanity.
I intend rejuvenation to be a gift to all who choose it and a curse to none. Yes, it will be part of humanity’s birthright availble to all who choose it, but it will not be a prison in any way so those choosing it can also choose to leave it behind at any time since life in a human body, even a healthy body in the prime of life is not everyone’s choice for eternity or even for each ongoing moment of the present. So one aspect of rejuvenation will be the human ability to renounce it and pursue other avenues of evolution.
As a summary, I intend to pioneer rejuvenation within my human body within the third dimension and I intend to make rejuvenation freely available as a human birthright to all of humanity. The ‘brand’ of rejuvenation I intend to pioneer is one with a pass code of service to others or what I define as deep purpose with an out clause allowing any one who so chooses to renounce their rejuvenated human body and pursue other avenues of evolution. I intend that this brand of rejuvenation will be availble to all of humanity, in both the third and the fifth dimensions.
Freedom for humanity…


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