Testing Intentions

One of the ways I check in with my mission is by setting intentions. If the intention sticks, it is a part of my mission or leading toward my mission. Setting intentions is part of my process of following my spiritual guidance and my inner knowing on my path to living my mission. It is part of my attunement to my authentic self and to my mission.
What happens when something is not aligned, when my intention is off on a detour of some sort? The intention is taken from me in one form or another. This has happened with a number of my intentions. One example was the intention I took in early 2010 to bring free energy to humanity. For a month or two nothing happened and then came information to the effect of ‘this is not for you to do. Step aside and let others do this piece of freeing humanity, because that is their mission and it is not yours.’ Other examples are related to ousting the ruling elite. In that case, my intention is to do what is given me to do and little comes my way. That could of course change at any time and my intention remains.
The intention can also be premature and as such, directing time and resources that way is also a detour since it is either a waste of resources that could be more fruitfully used elsewhere or going down the path of a detour since I have not yet come to the fork in the road that will bear fruit. 20/20 vision was one such example. At one point information came to me that correcting my eye sight was not my mission in life and I let the intention go. Later, I understood that it may be part of a larger initiative but was not to be my focus.
Rejuvenation has been in this category, either a detour or premature. It keeps coming back up so there is a likelihood that it is part of my mission in one form or another although even that is not a sure thing. The first intention I took concerning rejuvenation was when I chose to get involved with people claiming to be bringing rejuvenation to humanity. I took the intention of working with these people and for six months I followed while they led, growing increasingly disenchanted as their brand of rejuvenation included things I definitely did not support. In April I made the free will choice to be sovereign and blaze my own path in spiritual matters. Things shifted and this path was well supported.
At first rejuvenation was clearly part of my sovereign path and information came in to differentiate my brand from the brand I had chosen to leave. Then came a period of about six months where my rejuvenation intentions were put on hold and I accepted that rejuvenation within the third dimension may not be in the cards. Rejuvenation is clearly part of the fifth dimension but it may or may not be part of the third depending on how things shake out in terms of that portion of humanity that chooses to remain in the third dimension. Also at work was a timing issue. I had not completed some prerequisite lesson on earth and pioneering rejuvenation was not yet available to me.
When my aura was updated earlier this month further shifts took place. I am to provide a unique service to humanity and my updated aura is attracting all that is necessary in order to successfully provide this service. Again rejuvenation came forward and presented itself as my unique service. I was careful not to jump to conclusions but after a week of further defining the brand of rejuvenation that I would like to pioneer it seemed appropriate to declare another rejuvenation intention and see what happened.
My blog called Intending Rejuvenation expressed my current intention and was written two days ago. Right now is like the early returns in an election. My favourite candidate is doing well but it is still way too early to make a prediction. We shall see.
Freedom for humanity…


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