My Rejuvenation Inventory

Part of the process of updating my aura was information that at this stage of my learning I am to dedicate myself fully and completely to creating and delivering my unique gift to humanity and to the world in which I live. I have been living this way since August of 2008, over three years ago, so it is no change really. Instead of targeting my lessons as a human being, I am targeting my unique gift to humanity.
It seems time to take inventory. Do I know what that gift is to be? What resources are in place to create and deliver that gift? What is not yet in place and what is my next step in creating what I do not yet have? There may be other questions but let’s start with these.
Do I know what my gift to humanity is to be? Yes I do. It is rejuvenation of the human body to enable humans to live indefinitely at whatever age they choose. This gift will be freely given to humanity as their birthright; available to anyone but will have a pass code of heartfelt service to others and therefore will not be availble for self interested purposes or for commercial ventures. The gift of rejuvenation will be like sunshine or the air we breathe, available to all who so choose without the possibility of taxation or exploitation. Rejuvenation will be availble in conjunction with the gift of updating auras so those who learn their immediate lessons can have suitable auras to attract appropriate new lessons as they evolve. Rejuvenation will also have an out clause for those wanting to leave humanity and pursue other avenues of evolution.
What resources are in place for me to create and deliver the gift of rejuvenation? My intention is to pioneer rejuvenation and I have all that is necessary in terms of raw materials; e.g. a sixty three year old human body and freedom. I am beholden to no one and owe no one any debts. My life is stripped down to the essentials and I can spend my time and my resources in any way I choose. All the raw materials are in place.
What about creative resources? I am well connected spiritually and in May I shifted my guides using rejuvenation as the criteria for continuing as or becoming one of my guides. The body based guide that had been with me since birth left and a new body based guide with experience in rejuvenation took up that role. That guide has watched and waited and is now coming to the fore. Completing the prerequisite life lessons has been achieved and the affirmation I discovered this summer is now fully functioning. ‘A part of me knows rejuvenation and physical perfection. That part of me is bringing rejuvenation and physical perfection to me now. I thank that part and know that it is done. And so it is.’ All aspects of this affirmation are now in place and are fully functional. Perhaps there is something more that is necessary or perhaps not. We shall see.
What is not yet in place and what is my next step in creating what I do not yet have? This is an open question. Right now there seems nothing more I need to do and no further steps I need to take. Other resources are available, that much I know. For example, many of the helping extraterrestrial civilizations have rejuvenation and one in particular seems willing to help bring rejuvenation to humanity; that being the Arcturians. Right now it feels as though I am to do this without their help, thus making it a completely human experience and presumably custom made for the form of humanity developed here on earth.
I have done my apprenticeship as a human being here on earth and have a several thousand year history with multiple lifetimes as a human being. I am a human being and learned the prerequiste lessons as a human being. Right now it feels as though I am to manifest rejuvenation without outsourcing any aspect of that work. All that is required is within me or available to me from my spiritual supporters. I am open to change but that is my present rejuvenation inventory.
Freedom for humanity…


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